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Why you are behind if you aren't adopting mobile client communications tech

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With the rise in mobile communication, businesses communicate with their customers through various channels. The average client is on their phone for over 3 hours a day, checking their phone every 5.5 minutes! What are they checking? Texts, social media, emails and more. What are they looking to find? Connection, community, clarity, solutions, escape?

The answer is “all of the above.” Clients are escaping into videos and games. They are waiting for responses from friends, business, or colleagues. They are responding to others and looking for answers about work, something personal, and social questions. If they’ve been in an accident, they’re looking for answers or a follow-up from you.

Your clients are already communicating with you on their phones via email, text and voice calls. Keeping track of these communications can be cumbersome, but very manageable with the right legal software tools. It’s important to find legal case management software that has built-in client messaging that can easily integrate into your CMS. Having your conversation show up in real-time in the same system where the rest of the case detail resides is an invaluable feature that saves your team the oft-forgotten task of logging the interaction as a note.

Many firms are starting to take the process a step further with their own mobile applications. One-stop shopping for their clients to provide important case-related pictures, documents, answers to discovery questionnaires and plaintiff fact sheets. These firms are saving an enormous amount of time, money, as well as facilitating new business. In some cases, it’s been shown that law firms have increased their ability to handle 10 times the case load through their own app which is integrated into their case management software.

These firms are collecting information directly from the source and avoiding duplicate or manual entry of data. They save a significant amount of time usually set aside for manually uploading, naming and profiling documents, making them easier to find later. With a corresponding case management software, their teams are working smarter, spending less time entering data and more time managing it. Going mobile provides ease of access and convenience both internally as well as for the client who can provide information at any time, enabling your business to thrive.

Imagine how much more organized and efficient it would be to have everything at your fingertips, right when needed? What about not fumbling through papers or emails every time something comes up? Having an application for your law firm could help you cut down on the paperwork and keep things organized.

For attorneys who are not currently active on social media, or do not consider themselves very tech-savvy, a mobile application can actually simplify communication and better connect you to your clients. Notifications, updates and messages received through an app will keep your clients engaged and move cases forward faster.

The legal industry is transitioning almost entirely to digital, especially when it comes to cases and clients. Having a mobile app for your firm can provide an immediate advantage. Connecting to clients can be made easy by giving them an outlet they know is available 24/7 all year long.

The evidence is clear that as technology continues to advance, smartphones will continue to be a core communication tool. A mobile app with your firm’s branding can put you ahead of the curve and provide your clients with a direct avenue to move their case forward, faster.

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