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The New Normal

When will lawyers rise (like elevators) to the occasion?

Job-killing legal technologies? They only look that way

The End of Lawyers, Period.

Sorry, partner, your capital cash is gone--but where?

The bad business of ignoring the justice gap

What happens to BigLaw when banks become software companies?

Richard Susskind Q&A: 'The competition that kills you ... may not look like you'

Profession at a crossroads: Will lawyers lead, follow or get out of the way?

10 ways to reform the civil justice system by changing the culture of the courts

Simplicity bias: Lessons for lawyers from industrial design

'Grow' your law school? The what, why and whether of Denver Law

Will there be a 'New Deal' for the legal profession?

Volkswagen: Where were the lawyers?

'Prudent innovation' at William Mitchell: Extending the reach of learning

'Prudent innovation' in law school--Colorado moves forward

Lawyers need to move beyond 'access to justice' to close the legal services gap

3 reasons firms are starting to embrace 'prudent innovation'

Learn how to balance efficiency with your level of service--or miss opportunities

How lawyers can embrace mistakes

How law firms are innovating when it comes to hiring

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