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The New Normal

Have you hired an innovation intern?

4 steps for reinventing legal education

Welcome to the future: A travel guide to tomorrow's legal careers

Firms of the future must orbit around the client

Merging law schools, merging firms: What does it mean?

9 ways to change the carnivorous partnership model and save BigLaw firms

Facing up to the challenge: It's time to prepare law students for their profession

Can a new breed of firms solve the attrition problem for women in the legal industry?

Earlier this year, The National Association of Women Lawyers released the results of its National Survey on Retention and Promotion of Women in Law Firms. This annual survey provides sobering news on the state of women at the 200 largest firms in the country, collectively known as BigLaw.

10 predictions about how IBM's Watson will impact the legal profession

Attorneys who can address clients' operational problems as well as their legal ones have an edge

'Satisfaction guaranteed'--it's never caught on with lawyers

Tech test could give law firms an incentive to make efficiency gains

Disruption, eruption or interruption: 3 views of change in law

Change afoot in American civil justice system

Instead of telling everyone you're the 'Best & Brightest,' listen more to the people in the trenches

Why it's time to overhaul the Model Rule on fees to better serve clients

RIP Clearspire: Is this an ominous sign for NewLaw?

'Brain surgeon' lawyering in crises isn't enough

How can we apply New Normal principles to increase access to justice?

Law school leaders are dividing into two camps: stuck v. serious

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