15 signs you may be an introvert

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Illustration by Sam Ward

According to author Susan Cain, you might be an introvert if:

• You feel drained when in a large crowd of people.

• You're a cautious decision-maker.

• You feel drained after being out and about, even if you’ve enjoyed it.

• You don’t take risks unless you’ve done some careful research or evaluation first.


Most lawyers are introverted, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing

• You were described as “quiet” when you were a child.

• You often feel a need to seek out space to be alone in large social gatherings.

• You don’t rush decisions.

• You feel drained or spacey from too much exposure to noise or light.

• You are patient about finding out all the facts before making a decision.

• You do your best work in a quiet environment.

• You think before you speak, have a more deliberate approach to risk and enjoy solitude.

• You feel energized when focusing deeply on a subject or activity that really interests you.

• You seek out environments of peace, sanctuary and beauty.

• You have an active inner life and are at your best when you tap into its riches.

• You tend to feel overwhelmed when you’re in overly stimulating environments (too loud, too crowded and so on).

• You choose to devote your social energy to a small group of people you care about most, preferring a glass of wine with a close friend to a party full of strangers.

Source: Susan Cain, quietrev.com.

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