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5 Tips for Opportunity-Makers

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See “Selfless Self-Promotion.”

There a number of fundamental traits that allow certain individuals to stand out in today’s stagnant economy. Here are a few steps you can take to become an opportunity-maker:

  1. Get published. Opportunity-makers use writing as a chance to enhance their business development potential. Published work serves as a vehicle to establish their expertise, enhance their network and spotlight the excellent work of others.

  2. Repurpose content. Take that article you just wrote and create an audio program from the text. (I use AudioAcrobat.com.) Film a video on the same topic, using the article as an outline for a CLE program (I did so for Lawline.com).

  3. Collaborate. A key technique is to work with another individual or a team in order to enhance their collective chance for success. Those who achieve their goals often do so because they hold themselves accountable to others.

  4. Think of others. Opportunity-makers find ways to celebrate the good work of other people. They use their writing and other activities to highlight what certain individuals are doing in a very positive and genuine manner.

  5. Specialize. Successful professionals often understand that specialization is the key to remaining present in the minds of clients and prospects. It allows you to more effectively target the articles you are writing, the audio programs that you are producing, and the people with whom you are trying to connect.

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