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TikTok ban might sting legal influencers, but they have plenty of other options

TikTok is trending for the wrong reason these days. In late March, lawmakers in Washington, D.C., grilled TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew after claiming the app, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, is a national security threat because of its ties to the Chinese government.

Is the recent wave of law firm layoffs a sign of things to come?

Hiring partners seeking to rightsize their workforce have a lot on their minds right now. Too many lawyers? Too few? As with Goldilocks’ search for the perfect porridge, the answer can be elusive.

ChatGPT and other AI chatbots dominated the first fully in-person ABA Techshow in 3 years

ChatGPT was on the minds of vendors and attendees at the ABA Techshow 2023 in early March, when more than 1,700 people gathered for the ABA’s first fully in-person legal technology event in three years.

AI tools can help litigators pick jurors who might be on their side

A jury is considered the gold standard of U.S. law and a symbol of justice designed to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty in a fair, impartial trial. And now, artificial intelligence tools are available to help attorneys identify prospective jurors favorable to their cases. But do jury trials remain golden if one side uses AI to select the perfect jury to win?

The CHIPS Act could complicate things for lawyers with clients in China or Taiwan

One potential side effect of the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors and Science Act of 2022 includes amped-up patent litigation as the shift to manufacturing microchips domestically makes them further subject to U.S. intellectual property law.

Zoom meeting fatigue can contribute to job dissatisfaction and a lack of productivity

Up to 80 million meetings per day. That’s an estimate of how many meetings are held just in the United States. Are we meeting too frequently? Maybe, particularly when there’s no agenda or there is one and people don’t stick to it, say lawyers interviewed by the ABA Journal.

Is crypto payment a good deal for law firms?

Adoption of crypto among law firms is still slow, though some big firms, such as Steptoe & Johnson, have publicized that they accept it.

Are hybrid legal tech conferences here to stay?

Tech show organizers still face challenges as well as lessons on how they can tailor future shows for audiences who may expect a virtual option. Hybrid events can be more expensive to put on. Organizers also need to weigh whether they will lose attendees if they offer a virtual option and how they can cater to sponsors who may prefer to pitch to people in person.

Technology streamlines in-house work, but have a plan before making purchases

The pandemic pressured corporate legal departments to control costs and collaborate online to an unprecedented degree as demand for legal services surged. But missteps await legal departments that rush into implementing technology without first taking a thorough look at the bigger picture.

Could hybrid work and generational shifts finally kill email?

For years, tech and business experts have predicted the death of email. “My sense is that the younger generation of lawyers use email less as a communication vehicle, and [they] have grown up in a world where their communication is done through social media apps,” says Jason St. John, managing partner of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr.

Firms are employing burnout advisers to keep their attorneys from getting overwhelmed

It’s no secret that attorneys are burned out—but the surprising news is that firms are finally taking action to combat it. Some legal teams are hiring burnout advisers to address attorney mental health in the hope that this will tackle attorney fatigue, detachment and other issues stemming from the competitive environment, long working hours and perfectionism that comes with the job.

Your law firm’s fee structure can affect financial planning

A firm’s chosen fee structure and how its finances are handled can lay the foundation for the entire life of the business and sometimes provides early indicators in determining whether it will grow and thrive or eventually crumble.

Paralegal market is red-hot thanks to hybrid and remote work

It’s a seller’s market for paralegals. Remote work arrangements, which were uncommon pre-pandemic, today are nonnegotiable for many candidates. That’s been hard for some lawyers to accept.

How law departments can survive or even thrive in the event of a coming recession

The pandemic’s global economic and human impact has created new challenges for in-house legal teams. Supply chain disruptions, sharp increases or decreases in consumer demand, and the impact of uncertainty surrounding remote work options have pushed in-house legal teams to rethink the work they are doing and how they are doing it.

The metaverse and Web3 are all the rage, but the law is stuck at Web1

The metaverse and Web3, including virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens and more, are evolving to become another Wild West technology frontier where existing laws are hard to apply, legal experts say.

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