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This is to notify members of the American Bar Association that the meeting of the membership will be held in conjunction with the Coffee with the Candidate Forum, Sunday, August 7, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. in Yerba Buena Salon 9, Lower B2 Level of the Marriott Marquis, San Francisco, California. If you have any questions, please contact Leticia Spencer at [email protected].

Mary T. Torres
ABA Secretary


The Annual Meeting of Members of the American Bar Endowment is Monday, August 8, at 8:45 a.m. in the Moscone Convention Center West, 3rd Floor, San Francisco. The agenda includes consideration of bylaw changes and election of two Board members. See for the full text of this notice and the bylaw amendments.


Due to the nomination of Hon. Leslie Miller of Arizona to the ABA Board of Governors and the resignation of C. Elisia Frazier of Georgia, Delegate-at-Large vacancies will exist. To fill these vacancies, two Delegates-at-Large to the House of Delegates will be elected at the 2016 Annual Meeting for two-year terms beginning with the adjournment of that meeting and ending with the adjournment of the 2018 Annual Meeting. Candidates for election as Delegate-at-Large are to be nominated by written petition. The deadline for filing nominating petitions for the 2016 Delegate-at-Large vacancy elections in San Francisco, California, is Friday, July 22, 2016.

Voting will take place in the ABA registration area. The polls will be open during the same hours as registration, except the polls will close on Monday, August 8, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. The votes will then be tallied and the nominees with the highest number of votes in the vacancy elections will be declared elected as Delegates-at-Large. In the event of a tie vote for either election, I, as the Secretary, will determine the winner by lot. Rules that restrict campaigning for the position of Delegate-at-Large will be mailed to all nominees upon receipt of their petitions.

Nominating petitions may be obtained from the Office of the Secretary, Leticia D. Spencer, American Bar Center, 321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois 60654. The petition must be signed by twenty-five (25) lawyer members of the American Bar Association. The signing by any member of one petition will not disqualify him/her as the signer of other petitions. Each petition must be filed with my office at the above address by the close of business at 5:00 p.m. (CT), Friday, July 22, 2016.The filing must include the written consent of the nominee and a biographical sketch approved by the nominee consisting of not more than seventy-five (75) words. All biographical sketches will be printed and available to Association members as they register or collect their credentials at the registration desk at the Annual Meeting.

Any questions regarding the foregoing should be sent promptly to the Office of the Secretary at the Bar Center in care of Leticia D. Spencer, [email protected].

Mary T. Torres
ABA Secretary


Proposed amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and House Rules of Procedure of the American Bar Association summarized below have been duly filed with the Secretary of the Association by the indicated sponsoring members of the Association for consideration by the House of Delegates at the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. Copies of the full text of these proposals will be published in the E-book of resolutions to the House of Delegates and are also available on the ABA’s Website on the House of Delegates Leadership Page at: (click on Summary of Resolutions). These proposals are also available to any member upon request to the Division for Policy Administration at the American Bar Association, 321 N. Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654; 312/988-5230.


Notice is hereby given that Edward Haskins Jacobs proposes to amend S 1.2 of the Association’s Constitution to include the following language as one of the purposes of the Association: “to defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, including all those conceived but not yet born.”


Notice is hereby given that Roberta D. Liebenberg, Co-Chair, Palmer Gene Vance II, Co-Chair (Principal Sponsors), Members: Michelle Behnke, Deborah Enix-Ross, Laura V. Farber, Ellen J. Flannery, Michael E. Flowers, Allen C. Goolsby, Honorable James S. Hill, Kay H. Hodge, Tommy Preston, Jr., Beverly J. Quail, Carlos A. Rodriguez-Vidal, Neal R. Sonnett, Robert N. Weiner, H. Thomas Wells, Jr., and Honorable James A. Wynn Jr., and Board of Governors Liaison William R. Bay propose to amend S 2.1 of the Association’s Constitution to realign the districts for representation on the Board of Governors.


Notice is hereby given that David S. Houghton (Principal Sponsor), Sidney Butcher, F. John Garza, Janet Green-Marbley, Sandra R. McCandless, Robert D. Oster, Ethan Tidmore, and Mary T. Torres propose to amend S 2.1 and S 6.3 of the Association’s Constitution to define “accredited” and to clarify that the person elected as State Delegate must be accredited to the state for which elected.

Notice is hereby given that Anthony Ciolli (Principal Sponsor), Roula Allouch, Samuel Edmunds, Matt Fryar, Miriah Holden, Dana Hrelic, Alicia Mears, Shenique Moss, Mark Nichols, Elizabeth Overmoe, and Alena Shautsova propose to amend S 6.4(a) of the Association’s Constitution to provide the United States Virgin Islands with a Young Lawyer Delegate in the House of Delegates.


Notice is hereby given that Dynda A. Thomas (Principal Sponsor), John J. Beardsworth, Jr., Peter V. Lacouture, Mark C. Darrell, Michael A. McGrail, N. Beth Emery, Linda L. Randell, David R. Poe, Thomas P. Gadsden, Steven H. Brose, Robert B. Pringle, Patricia Dondanville, and Robert L. Brubaker propose to amend S 10.1(a) of the Association’s Constitution to change the name of the Section of Public Utility, Communications and Transportation Law to the Infrastructure and Regulated Industries Section.


Notice is hereby given that Clyde J. (“Butch”) Tate II (Principal Sponsor), Dwain Alexander II, William S. Aramony, Michelle Leatrice Raven, Danielle Reyes, Gregory L. Ulrich and Chloe Woods propose to revise the jurisdictional statement of the Standing Committee on Legal Assistance for Military Personnel to expand the size of the Standing Committee to not more than ten members.


Notice is hereby given that David K.Y. Tang (Principal Sponsor), Darrell Mottley, Rew R. Goodenow, Glenn Lau-Kee, Don S. De Amicis, Hon. Delissa A. Ridgway, Kenneth B. Reisenfeld, Edward Mullins, Robert E. Lutz, Carole Silver, Timothy Brightbill, Glenn P. Hendrix, Stephen P. Younger, Thomas G. Wilkinson, Jr., Laurel S. Terry, Erik Wulff, Erica Moeser, Eugene Theroux, Hon. Gerald W. VandeWalle, and William P. Smith propose to amend S 31.7 of the Association’s Bylaws to create a Standing Committee on International Trade in Legal Services.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary T. Torres
ABA Secretary

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