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Legal Ed will resubmit proposed elimination of admissions-test standard and consider increasing distance ed credits

The council of the ABA’s Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar on Friday voted in favor of resubmitting to the House of Delegates a proposal to eliminate a requirement that accredited law schools use an admissions test like the LSAT or GRE. Additionally, the council approved a suggestion to allow up to 50% of a law school’s credits offered online, without special permission.

Check out our 8 favorite Instagram posts from 2022

It has been another compelling year in the legal industry and for our coverage at the ABA Journal. And like clockwork, 2023 will be here soon.

Passing the Gavel: ABA leaders spoke of hope, civility and tenacity

“We, of all professions, appreciate that though our differences may be stark, we know how to work together and resolve them. We know how to agree to disagree,” said ABA President Deborah Enix-Ross, senior adviser to the International Dispute Resolution Group at Debevoise & Plimpton. “Lawyers can model the behavior we wish to see, and the ABA has the resources and ability to embrace this role.”

Dealing with Dobbs: ABA responds to the overruling of Roe with 6 resolutions

“We are setting policy on which the ABA can build to assure that ordinary acts of daily life are not criminalized,” former ABA president Laurel Bellows said. “This is criminalizing talking to your friend about her options. This is criminalizing and delaying very important medical response when a woman has suffered a miscarriage or is in a threat of harm or life because the people who would need to touch her at that moment don’t need to be worried about whether they, in fact, will be subjected to criminal charges.”

Roula Allouch is leading efforts to stop cyberbullying and discrimination

Roula Allouch thinks about young people in her community whenever her civil rights work starts to feel daunting. “Working with youth helps refocus and recenter me on the reason that we’re doing it all: to make things better for the generation coming after us,” says Allouch. “I don’t want the next generation of Arab-American kids and Muslim youth to be dealing with those same challenges.”

DOJ, in work to curb attacks on election workers, charges man for threatening phone call

A Missouri man has been charged for threatening an election official in Maricopa County, Arizona, the U.S. Department of Justice announced Wednesday.

After deadly shootings, ABA House pushes for tighter gun controls

One resolution urges lawmakers to prevent gun purchases from moving forward by default after three business days even if the check is incomplete. The second calls for more to be done to prevent violent dating partners and stalkers from buying or owning firearms.

In wake of Dobbs, ABA advocates for abortion, same-sex marriage and contraceptive rights

In the first meeting of the ABA House of Delegates since the Dobbs decision came down from the U.S. Supreme Court, delegates voted in favor of a slate of resolutions to protect abortion rights, contraceptive access and same-sex and interracial marriage.

Sharing fees with nonlawyers is inconsistent with profession’s ‘core values,’ ABA House says

Additional language reaffirmed the “core values” in the ABA’s Model Rule of Professional Conduct 5.4. and said that “nothing in the resolution” should be interpreted as undermining a 2020 House resolution that encouraged regulatory innovation to expand access to justice.

‘We must not give up,’ ABA President-elect Mary Smith says

“We lift lawyers up,” Mary Smith said. “We lift the legal profession up. And we cannot let ourselves be distracted by detractors. We can and must do more.”

ABA condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and urges UN to investigate war crimes

The House of Delegates condemned Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago on Tuesday.

ABA provides 10 principles for ending mass incarceration and lengthy prison sentences

The House of Delegates took aim at mass incarceration in two separate resolutions at the ABA Annual Meeting in Chicago on Monday.

Quoting a 2006 chart-topping hit, incoming ABA president says she’s bringing civility back

“You know that song ‘SexyBack’? Well, I’m bringing civility back,” Deborah Enix-Ross told the ABA House of Delegates Monday at the 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago.

ABA supports use of ‘Kessler doctrine’ to discourage patent trolls

In 1907, the U.S. Supreme Court held in Kessler v. Eldred that after Eldred unsuccessfully sued Kessler for infringing his patent for an electrical cigar lighter, he couldn’t sue Kessler’s customers or Kessler, who intervened on their behalf, for infringing his patent on the same product.

Cyberstalking needs more attention from law enforcement and legislators, says ABA House

The ABA House of Delegates passed a resolution Monday urging legislators and law enforcement to do more to fight cyberstalking and harassment.

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