We Honor the Fallen: Past Blawg 100 Entries Which Have Departed

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Blogs are ephemeral creatures. While some endure year after year, others have the lifespan of a mayfly. In our first year, one Blawg 100 honoree didn’t even survive the time period between its selection and our magazine’s print date. So for our fifth anniversary, we’re taking a look back at that first Blawg 100 list from 2007 to see how many blogs have survived, and how many have sadly departed from this life.

Overheard in Law School was the first to go, rendering our Blawg 100 the Blawg 99 before the magazine landed in mailboxes. The anonymous student blogger, afraid of unmasking and punishment, closed the blog. Alas, of the five law student blogs we featured that year, four are now inactive. We bid a fond farewell to Transnational Law, There’s No Competition in Law School and the Frugal Law Student, whose author now writes the popular Art of Manliness blog.

The law professor category has performed a little better: Only BlackProf has disappeared entirely. Professor Stephen Bainbridge has folded his BusinessAssociationsBlog.com and two other blogs into ProfessorBainbridge.com. The other 11 law professor blogs are going strong.

Despite the growth in the use of legal technology, we lost four tech blogs: Electronic Discovery Blog, ICANN Watch, Home Office Lawyer and Lessig Blog, a look into net neutrality. And the legal reporting community is poorer for the loss of LawBeat.

Gossip and humor blogs California Civil Litigation Quote of the Week, Skadden Insider and From the Desk of Patrick J. Fitzgerald (no, not really) have all left us. Work-life balance blogs A Year in the Life, the Inspired Solo and JD Bliss are gone as well, as is the law haiku blog dubbed F/k/a.

Crime didn’t pay for Capital Defense Weekly and Clews, the Historic True Crime Blog. And finally, the death toll includes commentary sites QuizLaw, Legal Pad and ABC’s Legalities, although that blog’s author now writes for CBS.

In all, 23 of the original Blawg 100 have been discontinued as of this print date. Gone but not forgotten!

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