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Weekly Briefs: Legal jobs increase in January; 11th Circuit doesn’t rule out execution by firing squad

Second Amendment

5th Circuit looks to history and strikes down law banning gun possession by subjects of civil protective orders

Criminal Justice

Prosecutors in murder trial of ex-lawyer Murdaugh can introduce evidence of alleged financial crimes, judge rules

Criminal Justice

Disbarred lawyer and estranged husband of ‘Real Housewives’ star is charged with stealing $18M; is he competent for trial?

Law Schools

Which law school got two No. 1 rankings by Princeton Review?

Law Firms

Baker McKenzie can be sued in Chicago for work performed in Russia by possibly defunct outpost, judge rules

Legal Education

After theft charges, former law school assistant dean accused of sexual conduct with minor

Law Schools

Federal sentence includes law school, and attorneys wonder why

Lawyer Wellness

High rates of burnout have lawyers in this state considering leaving their jobs or the legal profession


Meet the lawyer representing Trump in his lawsuit against journalist Bob Woodward

U.S. Supreme Court

Does legal recruiting career of chief justice’s wife create ethics issues? Critic sends details of her pay to Congress

Criminal Justice

Judge orders defendant to tell truth on social media after she blamed victim for car crash

Trials & Litigation

Sanctions sought against Trump, lawyers for ‘boilerplate’ responses, ‘demonstrably false’ denials

U.S. Supreme Court

Chemerinsky: When can state governments sue the United States?

Law Firms

Judge’s failure to conduct ‘lodestar cross-check’ dooms Quinn Emanuel’s $185M fee award


Delaware’s major-party requirement for judges on top state courts won’t be enforced under consent decree

Midyear Meeting

2023 ABA Midyear Meeting brings members to the Big Easy

Legal Rebels Profile

Freedom Fight: Working tirelessly to free her brother from prison inspired Janis Puracal’s Forensic Justice Project

Legal Rebels Profile

Building Bridges: Patrick Palace draws on his experience to demystify technology and push for regulatory reforms

Legal Rebels Profile

True Calling: Ameelio platform helps inmates communicate more easily with family and get an education

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