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What's your best presentation skills tip?

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Practice improves presentation, says lawyer and author Faith Pincus. That holds for any attorney, not just the litigator.

In the most recent podcast of the Modern Law Library, Pincus suggests that lawyers give at least one trial run of their presentation. Note when your story veers off topic. Then boil down an outline to cues on the main points, plus facts and quotes to cite.

Concise speaking notes will improve your eye contact and help project authority and confidence, Pincus says. The podcast has other presentation tips, plus a discount code for her book, Being Heard.

This week, we’d like to ask: What’s your best presentation skills tip? Do you practice alone? Or with fellow lawyers? Or maybe in a public speaking club, such as Toastmasters? If you present from a deck or podium, how do you avoid death by PowerPoint?

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Posted by Daniel Macioce on LinkedIn:

“Law school was my do-over. I made the most of the opportunities available to me and have no regret.”

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