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Is there a place other than your office or home where you go to get work done?

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Do you sometimes get cabin fever—and very little work done—at your workplace desk or home office?

Writer and marketer Bull Garlington does. “If you’re reading your last brief and it’s just “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy” over and over, you may want to pack your attaché and take your increasingly stir-crazy self to a third place,” Garlington writes at Attorney at Work. “A third place makes you more productive. It’s not your office and it’s not your den. It’s somewhere else where you can get your work done and it might just save your life.”

While some law firms are creating spaces for leisure where lawyers can recharge (see last week’s question), many lawyers need to venture out of their office confines to be productive. So this week, we’d like to ask you: Is there a place other than your office or your home where you go to get work done? If so, where is it? A favorite coffeeshop? An outdoor space? Why do you think it works for you? Answer in the comments.

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