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Letter from the ABA Journal Board of Editors

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In recent weeks, the ABA Journal published a blog summary and a follow-up to that blog summary for its website, ABAJournal.com, about a survey of legal secretaries. We have received feedback that caused us to conclude that the way the Journal reported some of the study’s assertions was hurtful to some readers. We are sorry that happened.

The ABA Journal has re-examined our online editorial process to ensure that our reporting and editing considers whether the language we use may produce undesirable and unintended consequences. This is particularly applicable to gender issues, where inartful coverage can perpetuate negative stereotypes.

The ABA Journal and ABAJournal.com—its staff, and its Board—value our readers, respect your views, and want to continue to hear from you and to learn from you. Readers are invited to visit the contact page on the website to comment on specific stories.


    Rew R. Goodenow
    Chair, Board of Editors
    ABA Journal

    Board of Editors
    • Rew R. Goodenow, Chair, Reno, Nev.
    • Jeffrey M. Allen, Oakland, Calif.
    • Hon. Bernice B. Donald, Memphis, Tenn.
    • Laura V. Farber, Pasadena, Calif.
    • Kathleen J. Hopkins, Seattle, Wash.
    • Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., San Mateo, Calif.
    • Vincent I. Polley, Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
    • John R. Tarpley, Nashville, Tenn.
    • Judy A. Toyer, Rochester, N.Y.
    Ex Officio
    • Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III, President, Florence, Ky.
    • Laurel G. Bellows, President-Elect, Chicago, Ill.
    • Linda A. Klein, Chair, House of Delegates, Atlanta, Ga.
    • Lucian T. Pera, Treasurer, Memphis, Tenn.
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