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Should job interviews be phased out?

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If you’ve ever had job interviews, then you know the same questions and statements will crop up: Why should we hire you? What’s your biggest weakness (or strength)? Tell me about your leadership style.

Perhaps it’s time to end job interviews once and for all. Writing for Fast Company, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic notes that there are “at least three important data points that suggest replacing interviews with other more predictive measures.”

One of those is the difference between interview performance and job performance.

“All interviews are essentially artificial social situations in which candidates are asked to present the best version of themselves, all while pretending to be themselves. In other words, they’re exercises in ‘impression management,’ ” writes Chamorro-Premuzic, who is described as an authority in leadership assessment, people analytics and talent management.

This week, we’d like to ask you: Is it time for job interviews to be phased out? Can a better performance indicator replace the interview? Why or why not? Was there a question posed to you during an interview that was particularly memorable? Answer in the comments.

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Posted by Susan K. Driver: “Find a place to study that is separate from others studying for the bar exam because fear and anxiety are contagious. I studied in a quiet corner of the regular county library. If you take a bar review course, get audio copies of the lectures and listen to them while you take walks. Take every practice test you are offered and spend time going over the answers so that you understand exactly how to write the exam.”

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