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Submit your diorama for Peeps in Law 2017: Rogue Peep

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Peep One

Updated: You are one with the Peep, and the Peep is with you. And now is the time to start working on your entry in the the ABA Journal's ninth annual Peeps in Law diorama contest.

Think of it this a chance to make light, marshmallowy jokes about the serious legal issues of today—and hope for a sweeter tomorrow. Rebellions are built on hope. (But be careful not to choke on your aspirations.)

A list of the complete contest rules can be found by clicking here. But here are the highlights: Create a law-related diorama with Peeps, take a photo of the diorama and send the photo (JPG, GIF or PNG) by 11:59 p.m. CT on Sunday, April 9, 2017 to [email protected]. Include a title of the diorama, how you would like to be identified and a description of what the diorama represents. If you’d like to attach additional multimedia, go for it! In the past, some dioramas have had accompanying videos and original songs. Decisions to accept and post dioramas are solely up to ABA Journal staff.

Here is the photo gallery of 2017 entries to give you some inspiration. We will add to the 2017 gallery as entries come in, so if you want to build your fan base, don’t wait until the last minute! Submit those dioramas as soon as possible. And if you’re struggling for more inspiration, you can also check out galleries from prior years below.

After we have received all the submissions, voting begins! Readers will have from April 10 to April 14 ponder which of our Peeps in Law dioramas deserves the grand prize and eternal glory, and we will announce the winners April 17. The top three dioramas will receive bragging rights from the ABA Journal.

Fine Print: By submitting a photo, you are acknowledging that you understand our Terms of Use and agree to allow the ABA Journal to reprint your photo and description in all forms of media at any time. Individual email addresses will not be posted. See the full contest rules here.

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Updated on March 29 to add the 2017 gallery; updated March 31 to announce extended entry deadline.

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