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What was your summer associate experience like?

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Summertime is summer associates season. Recent law school grads around the country will be soaking up everything they can in three months with their more experienced counterparts in the legal industry.

Summer associate gigs are becoming more straight-laced, Above the Law reported in 2017. Associates are on their best behavior, and attorneys reining in the high-flying, five-hour lunches.

Summer is prime time to develop professional work habits, according to commentary in National Law Journal. Career adviser Nicholas Alexiou advises summers in Above the Law to “try a bit of everything,” do good work and have fun.

While work, is the focus of a summer law internship, play is changing too. Some major law firms are planning health or cultural events for their summer associates.

This week, we’d like to ask: What was your summer associate experience like? How did you make the most of it? Did you take advantage of the networking opportunities? Was it all work and no play or a mixture of the two?

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Posted by Nick Waranoff on LinkedIn:

“The best and the brightest work the hardest and the longest (no, this isn’t about me, just about my observations); make quality of life matter more than money or some else’s definition of ‘success.’”

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