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Legal Education

New findings published on law school debt

Trials & Litigation

Convicted ex-lawyer files bizarre suit against doctor under Texas abortion law


Newly minted lawyer challenges COVID restrictions in ‘impenetrable thicket’ of arguments

U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court should uphold precedent in Mississippi abortion case, ABA amicus brief says

Constitutional Law

Alabama committee grapples with racism enshrined in state constitution as rewrite process begins

Trials & Litigation

Guilty verdict in terrorism trial for hotelier of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ fame is unfair, ABA center says


Judge is suspended for advice on how to let women know ‘you’re the man’ without physical violence

Criminal Justice

Woman testifying against domestic violence suspect jailed after admitting to pot use that morning

News Roundup

Weekly Briefs: DOJ opposes Purdue Pharma bankruptcy deal; California bill bans ‘stealthing’

Access to Justice

Gender affects access to courts and treatment in the justice system, Washington state study says

U.S. Supreme Court

Justice Thomas says media jeopardizes faith in legal institutions by equating decisions with personal views

Law Firms

Perkins Coie partner resigns from firm after he is charged by special counsel

U.S. Supreme Court

Only 37% of US voters approve of Supreme Court’s handling of its job, poll finds

Women in the Law

Female lawyers still underrepresented, especially in partnership ranks; which law firms do best?

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with insurance fraud for allegedly hiring ex-client to kill him

Criminal Justice

Lawyer is charged with disorderly conduct after walking the beach wearing movie serial killer costume

Constitutional Law

Dershowitz: Texas abortion bounty approach could be adopted in states that want to ban handgun ownership


Lawyer is censured for delaying treatment of her son after she accidentally shoots him


Judge is admonished after joining Facebook group calling for recall of reform-minded DA

Lawyer Wellness

This BigLaw firm says it’s the first to provide free and reduced-rate Peloton content to lawyers and staffers

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