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Poll: Which Peeps in Law 2015 diorama should win?

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  • 0.65% -- BlurredPeeps (26 votes)
  • 3.06% -- Boston Peep Party (123 votes)
  • 0.47% -- Eco-Peep Tries to Save the Northern Spotted Owl (19 votes)
  • 0.95% -- Edgar Allen Peep's "The Raven" (38 votes)
  • 5.08% -- Hall of Peep-idents (204 votes)
  • 3.21% -- Kid Peep on Trial (129 votes)
  • 6.87% -- Lochner's Home Bakery (276 votes)
  • 35.73% -- Peepzilla (1435 votes)
  • 0.27% -- Peeple Call for Impeepchment of Unpopular Mayor (11 votes)
  • 1.27% -- Schmuhl Problem (51 votes)
  • 0.9% -- The ABA's Priorities (36 votes)
  • 14.57% -- The Case of Rapper Peep-Lawless-Peep (585 votes)
  • 12.72% -- The Case of the Stolen Peep-berge Eggs (511 votes)
  • 6.95% -- The White Horse In Yugoslavia Defense (279 votes)
  • 7.3% -- Vladimir Peeptin (293 votes)

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