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24-Hours of Rebels

26 ABA Journal 24-Hours of Rebels articles.

Law Practice Plus: Solos & Entrepreneurship (Live Chat)

On Oct. 15 during 24 Hour of Rebels, Carolyn Elefant and Lisa Solomon joined us for a live chat.

Jay Edelson: Trust Young Lawyers & They Won’t Let You Down

Law firms are notoriously bad at training newly-minted attorneys and developing them into meaningful contributors.

Barry Currier: Improve Legal Education Via Technology & Online Learning

I am a career-long legal educator who knows that the law school experience that I loved and that has served the profession well for decades, while not broken, is cracked in places.

Sam Glover: Lawyers Must Evolve or Face Extinction

Today, the Internet-informed public needs lawyers less, but there are more lawyers than ever, and most of them are fighting for the same positions in a quickly-shrinking legal job market.

Bruce MacEwen: It’s Time to Abolish the Role of the State Bar

Where are you admitted to practice?

Why Openness & Transparency at Law Firms Matters (Live Call-In Radio Show)

On Oct. 15, 24 Hours of Rebels featured a live Web chat with Above the Law founder David Lat.

Ann Southworth: Students Need to Learn About The Profession They’re Joining

Most law schools do too little to educate their students about the legal profession and to help them find their places within it.

Max Miller: Students Need to Learn to Become ‘Whole Lawyers’

The practice of law is a service industry, and yet the law school experience gives no substantive focus on the operations of a service industry, and more importantly, on what drives the value of a service in the marketplace.

Jordan Furlong: ‘We Don’t Run This Show Anymore’

The single biggest challenge facing lawyers today is dealing with loss of control. The profession’s future success depends on how well lawyers adapt to that loss and adjust our expectations and behavior.

Jason Mendelson Knew He Struck a Nerve When a Friend E-Mailed: ‘You Are Dead to Me’

From June 2008 to August 2009, Jason Mendelson wrote a series of articles about the future of the legal profession. Mendelson’s musings on Law Firm 2.0 ignited a first wave of heated comments and debates among readers, including one e-mail from a friend that said, “You are dead to me.”

Charon QC: Education Costs Money, But Then So Does Ignorance

I don’t practise law and I’m not an American so you could be forgiven for wondering how I managed to find myself writing a piece for the ABA Journal Legal Rebels project. Twitter. The power of social media.

Tom Mighell & Dennis Kennedy: Working Collaboratively Works Best (Audio Chat)

Longtime legal technology bloggers Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy recently co-authored The Lawyer’s Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technology: Smart Ways to Work Together.

Mike Skoler: The Billable Hour is a Disservice to Lawyers, Clients and Justice

To put this post together, I read some material, thought about my reaction to it, sat down and spent some time writing down my point of view. I edited it, and asked my assistant to proofread it for me, then I sent it out the door (or in this case, posted it).

Lisa Solomon: Work-Life Balance Lessons for (and from) Micro-Firm Lawyers

Since Des Moines, Iowa lawyer Roxanne Conlin started her own firm 18 years ago, she has allowed her employees to bring their babies to the office. The animal lover’s office also plays host to a veritable menagerie of kittens (VIDEO), birds and even saltwater fish (VIDEO).

Mazy Hedayat: Profession Needs to Clean Up After the Boomers to Move Forward

With the Legal Rebels Project, the ABA Journal takes on the daunting task of identifying people who are remaking the practice of law. Those innovations come in the midst of the worst professional crisis in generations. Too often overlooked is who got us into this mess: the Baby Boom generation of attorneys.

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