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Tech competency needs to be taught in law school, associate dean says

“One can’t really understand if they remain in the law school ivory tower what is going on in the legal profession and in the legal technology space,” said April Dawson, an associate dean at North Carolina Central University School of Law.

Automated legal reasoning could shape future of digital services

In the next 20 years, digital technology that automates legal reasoning will change how laws are written and could help widen access to justice, an expert predicted Thursday at ABA Techshow.

Lawyers have important role to play in technology regulation, ABA Techshow keynote speaker says

There are many different domains in which technological progress has sped past existing laws and policies, particularly in the social media realm, Renée DiResta said during her ABA Techshow 2021 keynote Thursday morning.

Do clients care more about a lawyer seeming smart or likable?

“Don’t take ‘likable’ the wrong way,” said brand consultant Katy Goshtasbi. “This is not about high school likability. It’s about whether you resonate with me.”

Law firms have opportunity to join growing cannabis movement

While many practices have suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis law is among the few that have actually prospered, Amanda Ostrowitz said during a Wednesday afternoon event at the ABA Techshow 2021.

Lawyers can better utilize practice management features that boost efficiency

Lawyers are overlooking some key features in their practice management software platforms that could help them greatly improve their efficiency, two speakers said during separate ABA Techshow 2021 sessions Wednesday.

Legal tech CEOs urge lawyers to keep innovating beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

Lawyers should continue to embrace and further develop the technological and business innovations they have adopted in recent months even after the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, two prominent legal technology leaders said Tuesday at the ABA Techshow 2021.

Array of cyber investigation tools comes with risks

As courts rely more on digital forensic evidence in civil and criminal cases, attorneys have investigatory tools at their disposal that nevertheless raise legal and ethical concerns.

What’s ‘netiquette’ for lawyers on Zoom?

Even if you are on mute, talking during a Zoom meeting is rude because it shows you are not listening. It’s also a bad idea to drive your car while using the platform. And if everyone else has their camera turned on during a Zoom meeting, you should too, so work flow is not interrupted.

ABA’s Model Diversity Survey can help with DEI strategies

While most lawyers are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion, they still struggle with actions and tangible outcomes in this space, Daniel Winterfeldt said during a Monday afternoon ABA Techshow panel called “Harnessing and Maximizing Technology and Data to Drive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession.”

Lawyers warned of AI pitfalls, cybersecurity attacks and deepfake threats

If lawyers and their clients make use of artificial intelligence, they should consider the ethical and legal implications and protect against the emerging threat of deepfakes and cybersecurity attacks, legal experts said Monday at ABA Techshow.

Permitting alternative business structures could spur tech innovation, Arizona justice says

Arizona is hopeful that its decision to permit alternative business structures in the law will produce greater technological innovation within the legal industry, said Arizona Supreme Court Vice Chief Justice Ann A. Scott Timmer during the ABA Techshow 2021 on Monday.

Working at home when everyone is home could pose confidentiality risks

As lawyers work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, family members as well as virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa might hear confidential client conversations they shouldn’t, according to Pennsylvania lawyer Daniel J. Siegel, who for the past year has done much of his work at the kitchen table.

Freelance for Law wins ABA Techshow 2021’s Startup Alley competition

An online platform that connects law firms with legal professionals who can handle a variety of tasks won the Startup Alley pitch competition at the ABA Techshow 2021 on Monday. The fifth annual event was the kickoff of the first all-virtual Techshow.

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