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What legal tech jobs are available for new lawyers?

Job titles mentioned during the discussion included chief privacy officer, client success manager and legal procurement officer.

Improving communication—with tech and otherwise—can help you keep employees

Almost 70% of employees who are properly onboarded stay at their jobs for at least three years, according to a study cited by Dina Eisenberg during Thursday’s ABA Techshow panel, “Keying into People: Solving Onboarding and Turnover with Intention and Tech.”

Don’t trust, verify: Data must be assessed and analyzed before it’s used

To paraphrase the famous quotation from economics professor and Nobel laureate Ronald Coase: “Torture the data long enough, and it will confess to anything.”

Law school tech classes may not bring job opportunities, but they do help teach practice skills

Chicago-Kent College of Law students can learn about legal analytics. Students at Emory University School of Law in Atlanta have the opportunity to work in startup groups with MBA students, as well as graduate-level students from the Georgia Institute of Technology. And at the University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law, students taking a class about representing people who experienced domestic violence hear stories from “virtual victim” avatars to learn about the listening process.

Online and ‘intelligent’ dispute resolution benefits are touted at ABA Techshow

With online dispute resolution and “intelligent” dispute resolution, people can reach an agreement without stressful and expensive court proceedings, said Shannon Salter and Jonathan Verk at a Thursday morning panel at the ABA Techshow 2020 in Chicago.

With technology, law firm subscription plans can produce steady income and better serve clients

Lawyers looking to institute a subscription-based model should follow three rules: ditch hourly billing, invest in technology before labor, and give clients what they want.

Check out the best swag from the ABA Techshow 2020 (gallery)

ABA Techshow 2020 is in full swing in Chicago, giving legal professionals from around the world a chance to immerse themselves in the latest technology related to the practice of…

Want law profs to embrace technology? Show them how it improves their teaching

“In terms of how I decide to use technology, I ask myself if it will make me a better instructor. I never try to use technology just because I want to use technology. There’s got to be a pedagogical reason,” law professor April Gordon Dawson says.

Can law firms really improve their marketing for free?

How can law firms put their marketing plans into action with a limited budget? During a Thursday panel at ABA Techshow entitled “Free Lunch: Market Your Practice Online for (Almost) Free,” Gyi Tsakalakis and Joy Hawkins offered practical and cost-effective things lawyers can do to attract more clients.

Mobile-phone timekeeping solution wins ABA Techshow’s Startup Alley

A mobile solution designed to help lawyers easily track billable time spent talking to clients on their personal cellphones won the Startup Alley competition at the ABA Techshow 2020 on Wednesday night.

With diverse slate of speakers and new hands-on learning sessions, ABA Techshow promises wide appeal

The ABA’s flagship technology conference is back with new hands-on tracks and wellness events to give attorneys experience and ideas to take home and implement.

With significant changes, Thomson Reuters wants to be closer to its customers

ABA Techshow proves lawyers don’t need unlimited budgets to beef up their tech and security

The overall theme of 2019’s iteration of ABA Techshow, which took place from Feb. 27 to March 2 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, was “future-proofing your practice.” In that vein, Sharon Nelson, president of Sensei Enterprises in Fairfax, Virginia, and Jeff Richardson, partner at Adams and Reese in New Orleans, stressed during their panel session that it was important not to get paralyzed by indecisiveness as a result of the abundance of technological options available in the marketplace.

60 in 60’s top tips covered password security, office shortcuts and a USB drink warmer/chiller

Per tradition, ABA Techshow ended with a rapid-fire presentation of 60 novel technologies and tips in 60 minutes that touched on cybersecurity, process improvements and kitschy gadgets.

How can lawyers connect with more clients online?

With so many lawyer websites and pages out there, having a consumer-friendly site that encourages clients to contact, evaluate and identify with you can allow you to stand out from the pack.

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