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Judge: ‘Easy’ Diet Claim in TV Ads Misleading, Violated Order

A television pitchman has been found in contempt of a federal court order, for continuing to make misleading claims in television infomercials about a diet book he authored.

Specifically, Kevin…

Counterfeit Case Against eBay May Raise Web Policing Requirements

A federal judge in Manhattan has begun to hear a closely watched case between a renowned jeweler and an Internet auctioneer accused of turning a blind eye to the sale…

Google Ad Suit Settled

A blinds and wallpaper company says American Airlines has a better chance of making its trademark infringement claim fly against Google.

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory has settled a declaratory…

Nexium False Ad Suit Pre-empted

A federal appeals court has ruled a state lawsuit challenging Nexium advertising claims is pre-empted by federal law and must be dismissed.

The ruling is a big win for pharmaceutical…

DirecTV Settles Ad Suit

Cable TV company Time Warner Inc. has announced a settlement of a dispute with satellite operator DirecTV over its ads for high-definition TV.

The companies told the Aug 9, 2007 7:32 PM CDT

Suits: Fuzzy Logic in High-Def TV Ads

Which service is better for high-definition TV viewers—cable or satellite? Lawsuits contend advertising on the subject isn’t giving consumers a clear picture.

DirecTV has sued Comcast Cable for its ad…

Landmark Google Suit Over Foreign Ads

A landmark lawsuit has been filed over Google’s Internet advertising in Australia and Ireland that could, if successful, force the search engine giant to make significant changes in the way…