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Lawyer Sues Fla. Bar Over Bad Ad

Five years ago, the Florida Bar reportedly OK’d attorney Bill Harrell’s use of the phrase “Don’t settle for less than you deserve” in his law firm advertising.

But now it…

Judge Finds BAR/BRI ‘Puffing’ Not Actionable

A New York federal judge has ruled that advertising claims by BAR/BRI were mere puffery that cannot be the basis for a lawsuit.

The suit had claimed BAR/BRI engaged in…

Funny Lawyer Ads No Joke in N.Y.

Law firm ads that show attorneys towering over skyscrapers and offering legal advice to space aliens obviously aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

But New York’s attorney general isn’t finding…

Judge: ‘Easy’ Diet Claim in TV Ads Misleading, Violated Order

A television pitchman has been found in contempt of a federal court order, for continuing to make misleading claims in television infomercials about a diet book he authored.

Specifically, Kevin…

Counterfeit Case Against eBay May Raise Web Policing Requirements

A federal judge in Manhattan has begun to hear a closely watched case between a renowned jeweler and an Internet auctioneer accused of turning a blind eye to the sale…

Google Ad Suit Settled

A blinds and wallpaper company says American Airlines has a better chance of making its trademark infringement claim fly against Google.

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory has settled a declaratory…

Nexium False Ad Suit Pre-empted

A federal appeals court has ruled a state lawsuit challenging Nexium advertising claims is pre-empted by federal law and must be dismissed.

The ruling is a big win for pharmaceutical…

DirecTV Settles Ad Suit

Cable TV company Time Warner Inc. has announced a settlement of a dispute with satellite operator DirecTV over its ads for high-definition TV.

The companies told the Aug 9, 2007 7:32 PM CDT

Suits: Fuzzy Logic in High-Def TV Ads

Which service is better for high-definition TV viewers—cable or satellite? Lawsuits contend advertising on the subject isn’t giving consumers a clear picture.

DirecTV has sued Comcast Cable for its ad…

Landmark Google Suit Over Foreign Ads

A landmark lawsuit has been filed over Google’s Internet advertising in Australia and Ireland that could, if successful, force the search engine giant to make significant changes in the way…