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Mass Tort Lawyers Join ‘Wave’ of Pet-Food Suits

Grieving pet owners have filed at least 50 class-action lawsuits in federal courts, most of them in New Jersey, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

And that doesn’t include…

Traffic Court Discourages Lawyer’s Service Dog

A disabled Rockville Centre, N.Y., lawyer arranged a plea deal for her client in a hallway this week after Nassau County traffic court officials discouraged her from entering the crowded…

Ruling Expected Soon in Dog-Mauling Appeal

A dog-mauling case pending before the California Supreme Court is expected to determine when an unintended death can be a murder, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Doggie Death Sentence Appealed

Lawyers arguing over the fate of a bit bull named Duke filed papers with a New York state appeals court yesterday.

Duke has been on “doggie death row” for more…

CA Bill: Fix Fido and Fluffy, or Face $500 Fine

To prevent thousands of unwanted pets from being euthanized in shelters, a California state legislator is proposing a statewide law fining pet owners $500 if they don’t neuter kittens and…

K-9 Complication

Sunbather Claims Medical Need for Full Exposure, Protests Pooch Policy That Prevents It

Pet Project

New ABA Committee on Animal Law Focuses on Post Katrina Rescue Efforts

Fright Flight

Rancher Sues After Hot Air Balloon Triggers Two-Legged Stampede

Road Runner

Fleet-Footed Fowl Finds Freeway, While Owners End Up Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire