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Ask for help when you have an ethics quandary, says Lucian Pera (podcast)
If you’re working on a client matter and get even the slightest sense that something you’re doing may cause problems down the road, ask another lawyer about it, says Lucian Pera, the chair of the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility's coordinating council.
Why laughter belongs in your work life (podcast)
When her career was getting started in the 1970s, a partner interviewing Roberta "Bobbi" Liebenberg for an associate position asked if she would cry when things went south in court. "Why, do you want me to?" Liebenberg quipped.
Mounting a defense: Security expert shares tips on avoiding violence (podcast)
One of many lawyers’ worst fears is that a client, opposing party or even a random stranger may try to physically hurt them, often for nothing more than the attorney doing his or her job. In this episode of the ABA Journal's Asked and Answered, Stephanie Francis Ward speaks with Ty Smith, a retired Navy SEAL who founded Vigilance Risk Solutions, a security consulting business that focuses on workplace violence prevention.
Ask those in power to fulfill their obligations, civil rights lawyer says (podcast)

“Realize that sometimes those in authority haven’t done the right thing simply because the issue has not been brought to them,” Cruz Reynoso says, “When brought to them properly, very often public officials will respond affirmatively.”

Present as your true self, says Mia Yamamoto (podcast)

What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of your career? It’s a question that ABA Journal podcast host Stephanie Francis Ward loves to ask,

Set your own expectations, says Andrés Gallegos (podcast)
What do you know now that you wish you’d known at the start of your career? It’s a question that ABA Journal podcast host Stephanie Francis Ward loves to ask, one that can prompt incredible stories. It’s the question that inspired her to create a special series of her Asked and Answered podcast, titled Asked and Answered: Lived and Learned. In this episode, Ward speaks with Andrés Gallegos.
Accomplished lawyers share life lessons in new ‘Lived and Learned’ podcast series
In more than 20 years of talking to well-known attorneys who love their work, I’ve learned that some have great advice on matters both in and outside of the law, and are happy to share what they’ve learned when they think it might help others.
International etiquette: Minding your manners when practicing abroad (podcast)
You may be confident of your ability to act with courtesy and professionalism in your home country. But with the array of cultural differences, social mores and business traditions you may encounter while traveling, how can you be sure you’re not offending clients and alienating foreign judges and arbiters?
Attending the ABA Annual Meeting? Here’s a sneak peek (podcast)
This August, lawyers from around the country will come to Chicago for the ABA Annual Meeting. Wondering whether to make the trip yourself?

In this special bonus episode of Asked and Answered, we’re joined by ABA President Hilarie Bass and Marty Balogh of the ABA meetings and travel department.
Quest for Perfection: Brian Cuban talks about lawyers and body image (podcast)
Lawyers' mental health has been a topic of increasing discussion and awareness, combined with efforts to help lawyers deal with anxiety, depression and addiction issues. But an aspect of mental health that is sometimes overlooked is body image, and the consequences of body dysmorphia and eating disorders.
Where are the jobs for the Class of 2018? (podcast)
Newly minted law grads will soon be entering the job market, but where are they most likely to find employment? In this episode of Asked and Answered, the ABA Journal's Stephanie Francis Ward speaks with Valerie Fontaine, founding partner of the legal search firm SeltzerFontaine, about which in-demand areas of law have open job positions—and how law grads can secure them.

How firms can encourage mental, emotional and physical fitness (podcast)
Wellness is not just about eating health food and exercising, Jolene Park tells the ABA Journal's Stephanie Francis Ward in this episode of Asked and Answered. It’s also about getting enough time to relax, getting enough sleep and not being stressed out about your job or finances — and employers can play a big role in all of those things.
How to turn tech savvy into a fulfilling legal career (podcast)
You love technology, you love the law, and you want a career that combines the two. But what kinds of legal tech jobs will be the most in demand, and how can you get them?
Loving life as a lawyer: How to maintain joy in your work (podcast)
Do you dread going to work? If so, maybe it's time to look at the other ways you can flex your legal skills, Nancy Levit says. There are many types of jobs for lawyers, and sometimes what you thought you wanted to do doesn’t work out, Levit tells the ABA Journal's Stephanie Francis Ward in this episode of Asked and Answered.
Need a helping hand? Here’s what a lawyers assistance program can do for you
Confronting someone about a substance abuse problem—or owning that you have one—is not easy, but lawyers assistance programs can help.

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