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New NY Bar Exam Woes

Would-be lawyers who had trouble uploading their essays for the New York bar exam may be facing a new problem: incomplete essay answers.

About 400 essays appear to be incomplete,…

Backup Saved Bar Exam Answers

A backup system preserved the essays of those who ran into software glitches when they tried to upload answers to the New York bar exam.

Douglas M. Winneg, president of…

Unlicensed Gen’l Counsels are Unusual

Does a general counsel of a corporation have to be a licensed lawyer? To many, the answer to that question would seem to be a no-brainer: Yes.

But a small…

“So, this lawyer walks into a bar ...”

Days before Cassandra E. Hooks was to sit for the California bar exam, her 4-year-old son was hospitalized with a bacterial infection.

BAR/BRI Sued Again

BAR/BRI is facing another lawsuit claiming law students paid too much for the bar review course.

The $48 million class-action suit claims the company’s advertising materials fraudulently induced New York…

NJ Firm Bows Head re Unadmitted Atty

In a rare sanction of a law firm that names no individual partner names, the New Jersey Supreme Court has reprimanded Newark-based Sills Cummis Epstein & Gross for allowing an…

Bar Exam Film Ups Ante for 6 Law Grads

It’s hard enough just studying for the bar exam. But six California law graduates decided to up the ante even further by doing so in the public eye. Responding to…

NY Bar Exam Marred by Glitch

Bar examiners in New York suspect a software glitch caused test takers to experience problems this week saving and uploading their essays.

Diane Bosse, chairwoman of the Board of Law…

Grads: School’s Not Out for Summer

After three years of hard work, the nation’s newly graduated law students aren’t done with their studies yet. The vast majority are still buried in the books as they put…

Bar Exam Suit Cites Religion

A would-be lawyer who failed the bar exam has filed suit contending a question about gay marriage violated his First Amendment rights.

Stephen Dunne says the Massachusetts bar question required…

Blogger Who Posted Bar-Exam Questions Sought

Lawyers have subpoenaed Google and EarthLink in an effort to track down the person who posted 41 questions from the Multistate Bar Examination last year, according to the

Judge: Internet Law Grad Can’t Take State Bar

A graduate of a non-ABA-accredited Internet correspondence law school in California has lost a court battle to force Connecticut to allow him to take the state bar exam. Derby, Conn.,…

8 GCs at Big Corporations Not Licensed

General counsels at eight Fortune 250 companies don’t have the special law license required by their states for in-house lawyers who haven’t passed the local bar exam, according to an investigation by Corporate Counsel magazine.

Wisconsin Bar Weighs a Degree of Change

Status may end as last state to admit its law school grads without taking bar exam

See You in 18 Months

Education Department puts ABA accreditation role on ‘a short leash’

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