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Judge’s COVID-19 protocols violated defendant’s right to a public trial, 9th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a public trial was violated when a trial judge allowed an audio stream but not video access to the proceedings.

Weekly Briefs: Judge lifts Trump sanction, for now; $997M settlement offered in condo collapse

Judge willing to accept $110K, cooperation to end Trump sanction

A trial-level judge in New York lifted a $10,000 daily civil contempt sanction against former President Donald Trump on…

People younger than age 21 have Second Amendment right to buy semi-automatic rifles, appeals court says

California’s ban on the purchase of semi-automatic rifles by most people younger than age 21 violates their Second Amendment rights, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Ex-law prof advised counting mail-in ballots at ‘prorated amount’ to swing Pennsylvania to Trump

Retired Chapman University law professor John Eastman advised a Pennsylvania lawmaker to count mail-in ballots at a “prorated amount,” giving the state legislature justification to install pro-Trump electors, according to newly released emails.

California bill would discourage secrecy in court orders and settlements

A bill that cleared California’s Senate Judiciary Committee last month would discourage secrecy about safety hazards discovered in litigation.

Former Guess executive chairman alleges lawyer extorted him over misconduct allegations

The co-founder of Guess Inc. is claiming that he was extorted by a prominent California attorney, who threatened to file a lawsuit accusing him of rape if he did not settle a claim by one of her clients.

Prosecution careers are a tougher sell since the pandemic; positions go unfilled as few apply

Low pay, burnout and concerns about racial justice are among the reasons that prosecutor positions are going unfilled across the country, according to prosecutors and association officials.

SCOTUS will consider whether California pork law may violate dormant commerce clause

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday agreed to decide whether pork producers can sue over a California law said to have the effect of regulating pig enclosures nationwide.

Trump and law prof likely ‘dishonestly conspired’ to block election vote count, judge says

A federal judge in California said Monday it is “more likely than not” that a former Chapman University law professor and former President Donald Trump “dishonestly conspired” to obstruct Congress in its certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

First Latina justice confirmed to California Supreme Court

Judge Patricia Guerrero will become the first Latina justice of the California Supreme Court following her confirmation by the California Commission on Judicial Appointments earlier this week.

Chapman University professor files infringement suit to learn which students posted exam questions online

A Chapman University business professor has claimed in a lawsuit that unknown students who posted his midterm and final exam questions on Course Hero, a website in which students share documents from college classes, infringed on his copyright.

Weekly Briefs: Controversial Florida education bills advance; ban on homebuyer ‘love letters’ blocked

Florida lawmakers pass ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ anti-woke bills

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign two controversial bills passed by the legislature this week. The “Don’t Say Gay”…

California governor backs mental health courts that could compel people into care

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is trying to fight homelessness with a proposal to create a mental health “CARE Court” in every county that could compel treatment for those with severe mental illness.

Lawyer accused of shooting arrows, gun at ex-girlfriend’s law office loses civil appeal

A disbarred California lawyer accused of shooting a crossbow and gun into his ex-girlfriend’s law office building has failed to overturn a $2.2 million judgment against him.

Thousands of confidential ethics and juvenile records are published online

A website called judyrecords.com has published thousands of confidential court records from across the nation, including private ethics records in California and juvenile court records from several states, according to reporting.

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