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37 ABA Journal Career Audit articles.

Headhunter Safari

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot when stalking a recruiter

A Word To The Wise

Accomplished Attorneys Give Some Credit to the Advice and Example of Their Mentors

Go Google Yourself!

Blogs and Web sites may tell employers more than you want them to know

Dialing Up the Next Job

The future may be calling, so don’t get hung up on phone interviews

Disbarred—but Not Barred from Work

In some states, disciplined lawyers can still work as paralegals or clerks

From Fatigues to Pinstripes

Ex-military lawyers have several options in the civilian world

Board Surfing

Serving on community boards gets your name out—and before hiring committees

Mediation Way

Lawyers Opting for This Career Add Legal Skills and a Pinch of Psychology

Taking On Consulting

Those Who Make the Leap Find the Same Lawyering Skills Apply

Bringing Up The Past

Black Marks May Not Hurt, So Long as They’re Out in the Open

Thanks a Bunch

The Right Expression of Gratitude Will Hit a High Note With Interviewers

Left-Click, Left Law

Online Advice for Career-Changers Abounds If You Know Where to Find It, How to Use It

The Job Is In Your Sites

Hunting Online Means Learning to Cast Your Net

You Can Go Home Again

The Grass Isn’t Greener, and Now You Just Want Your Old Job Back

Schmooze or Lose

At Conferences, Put Down the Memo and the Cell Phone–Go Meet and Greet

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