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Career Audit

37 ABA Journal Career Audit articles.

In the House

To Land a Corporate Counsel Job, Get to Know the Client’s Business

For Your Information

Sit, Chat and Learn: That’s What Informational Interviews Are All About

A Matter of Degree

An LL.M. Can Boost a Stagnating Practice, But Likely Won’t Pump the Paycheck

Experience Expected

Prior Work Opens a Law Firm’s Door, But Only to the Ground Floor

Signs of Design

Office Decor Speaks to the Kind of Place Where You’ll Be Working

For What It’s Worth

Persuading, Not Demanding, Is Likely to Get a Lawyer a Well-Deserved Bonus

About Time

New Associates Eager to Spring Forward Need to Reset Their Clocks to Lawyer Time

Satellite Guidance

Many Remote Offices Provide the Perfect Launching Pad

Covering the Gaps

Time Away From Your Law Practice Is OK, But Be Ready to Explain Lessons Learned

Back to the Old School

Job Changers Should Stop by Their Alma Mater’s Placement Office–Again

Honor Your Offers

With Multiple Offers, How You Choose Is as Important as Whom You Choose

Catch a Rising Star

Put Some Mentors in Your Pocket, and Save Them for a Rainmaker Day

Leave ’Em, But Love ’Em

Keep the Door to Your Career Open by Not Slamming it on the Way Out of the Firm

The Value of Evaluations

Make the Best of the Review Process and Learn How to Become ‘One of Them’

Growth Guru

In-house Counselors Hired to Help Staffers’ Careers Progress Within the Law Firm

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