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Through the Doors

As Supreme Court Arguments Grow More Contentious, Lawyers Find Their Way to Georgetown’s Moot Court for More Practice

What Not to Wear

There’s an Easy Fix for Even the Worst Fashion Faux Pas

Intelligent Competition

Law Firms Use Public Data to Find Behind the Scenes Truths

2,000+ Club Stays Open 24/7

Top Billers’ Tactics Include Trolling for Work, Calling Clients While Commuting

Law & Marriage

Like a Horse and Carriage, They Go Together

Thank You and Goodbye

Mandatory Retirement Policies Cut Careers Short, But Proponents Say It’s for the Best

Leave ’Em, But Love ’Em

Keep the Door to Your Career Open by Not Slamming it on the Way Out of the Firm

’Tis the Season to Schmooze

This Anxious Attorney Learns how to Work the Jingle Bell Mingle

The Value of Evaluations

Make the Best of the Review Process and Learn How to Become ‘One of Them’

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Some Associates Who Asked That Question Say Web Logs Advance Careers, Exposure

Cautiously Corporate

In the Sarbanes-Oxley Era, Lawyers Still Go In-House But Enter Carefully

Closing the IP Gender Gap

In a Male-Dominated Practice Area, Women Lawyers Begin to Gain Ground

Ethics Czars in Demand

Self-Policing Requirements Result in New Positions for Experienced Lawyers

Growth Guru

In-house Counselors Hired to Help Staffers’ Careers Progress Within the Law Firm

Best of Both Worlds

Part-Time Practice Gives Some Lawyers Freedom to Pursue Other Dreams

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