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Motion to Bar Bush Mention Denied

A federal judge in Philadelphia has turned down an unusual request to bar mention of the president’s name and the Iraq war during a trial scheduled to begin on Monday.

DOJ Cites Wins as Reform Bill Looms

The Justice Department may have lost big in the massive $2.5 billion tax shelter fraud case brought against former KPMG accounting firm employees, if a federal judge’s dismissal of 13…

Gitmo Lawyer: U.S. Agents Seized Notes

A Canadian attorney representing an accused enemy combatant held at the Guantanamo Bay military prison says he was harassed and had his legal notes reviewed on Saturday by U.S. authorities.

Suit Targets DEA Pot Claims

A San Francisco federal judge will consider whether an advocacy group has standing to sue the government for spreading misinformation about marijuana.

Americans for Safe Access claims a little-used law,…

Misconduct Charges for Libeled Judge

Misconduct charges have been filed against a Massachusetts judge who allegedly went too far in his continuing campaign against a Boston newspaper after winning a big-bucks libel case.

After winning…

Agony of Defeat for Raiders

A California Supreme Court justice sounded something like the late sportscaster Howard Cosell in explaining why the Oakland Raiders will not get a retrial in a territorial rights suit against…

N.Y.’s Long Arm Misses Site Owner

A federal appeals court has ruled New York’s long-arm statute doesn’t reach an Iowa resident who operates a Web site called MovingScam.com.

Best Van Lines alleged the Web site made…

U-Haul Sanctioned for Lost Evidence

A Los Angeles Times investigation has found that U-Haul lost, altered or tossed out truck and trailer parts sought by injured customers in almost a dozen…

Taxpayers Can’t Challenge Religion Aid (Updated)

The U.S. Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision has ruled that taxpayers do not have standing to challenge a White House program that encouraged faith-based organizations to seek federal aid.

Plaintiff is Top Judge; Who Hears Appeal?

It’s a basic premise of constitutional law that litigants are entitled to a fair trial. Thus, when a judge is even peripherally involved in a lawsuit, he or she routinely…

Court Finds No Jurisdiction in Energy Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a federal appeals court did not have jurisdiction to review a federal judge’s order sending a lawsuit against a Canadian energy company back…

Courts Differ on Wal-Mart Suits

Courts in two states yesterday differed on workers’ quests for class action status in lawsuits against Wal-Mart.

A Missouri appeals court ruled that a class action suit could proceed after a trial judge revises definitions for subclasses, the Wall Street Journal reports (sub. req.).

A New York court refused to certify a class in a similar suit, saying the claims should be tried individually.

PIs Help Defeat Class Actions

Los Angeles lawyer David Aronoff has found a new way to oppose class actions.

Aronoff thought that too many judges were displaying a “rubber stamp mentality” and routinely certifying class-actions.…

E-Discovery Order May Be a First

A Los Angeles magistrate has ordered a Web search engine to collect customer data stored in random access memory in perhaps the first case to require such discovery.

TorrentSpy, a search engine that directs users to video files, is appealing the order, the Recorder reports. The company is being sued for copyright infringement by six movie studios seeking access to RAM to learn more about the files sought by site visitors.

Nuremberg Attorney: Gitmo Trials Unfair

An 88-year-old American lawyer who helped try war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II says today’s Guantanamo Bay cases fly in the face of the prosecutorial precedent he…

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