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Lawyer pursued future pain compensation for client who had died, ethics complaint says

A Chicago lawyer sought compensation for “future pain and physical limitations” in settlement negotiations for a client who had already died, according to an ethics complaint.

Federal judge rejects plea-deal sentence for lawyer accused of stealing nearly $13M from clients

A federal judge in Salt Lake City has rejected a plea deal calling for a sentence of about six years in prison for an estate lawyer accused of stealing $12.7 million from 26 elderly, disabled or incapacitated clients.

Lawyers have an obligation to ensure employees don’t solicit clients, new ABA ethics opinion says

Attorneys not only must refrain from engaging in improper direct solicitation of potential clients, but there is also an ethical responsibility to ensure that employees or others hired by the lawyers do not engage in such misconduct.

How to communicate better with your clients

Communication. Do we sometimes get it wrong with clients—or otherwise? I learned a valuable lesson early on in my legal career while still an articling student. My boss and good mentor, Hank, invited me to lunch. After the meal, I ordered a cup of tea. As I like it a certain strength, I said to the waiter, one Jean Pierre, “Bag out, please.”

Stayed suspension recommended for Taft Stettinius partner who allegedly had sex with client

Updated: A partner at Taft Stettinius & Hollister's Columbus, Ohio, office, should receive a stayed suspension for allegedly having sex with a client, according to a recommendation by the Ohio Supreme Court’s Board of Professional Conduct.

Lawyer is suspended for deposition threat to expose intimate photos of woman in court record

An Indiana lawyer has been suspended for threatening to make a woman’s intimate photos part of the public record if she continued to seek a protective order against his client.

What do clients in crisis really need from lawyers?

It’s no secret that investors love predictability and loathe uncertainty. It’s why C-suite professionals strive to increase the former and minimize the latter. And with ever-expanding pools of data and analytics at their disposal, tech-savvy executive teams can now forecast and manage the future better than ever. But analytics and the human imagination are limited.

Lawyer is suspended after claiming he feared ‘untimely death’ if he appeared at police officers’ deposition

A Florida lawyer has been suspended for two years for unfounded accusations of racial bias, including his assertion that appearing at a deposition with police officers could lead to bodily injury or his “untimely death.”

Judge imposes default judgment against former Littler Mendelson client for ‘subversive approach to discovery’

A federal judge in Mobile, Alabama, has imposed a default judgment against an Alabama steel mill once represented by Littler Mendelson because an attempt to hide payroll records “poisoned the entirety of this case.”

Is it foolish to litigate pro se?

"A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client." A phrase often attributed to Abraham Lincoln. Given that we see so many self-reps in our courts these days, this is as good a time as any to discuss this phenomenon, also known as pro se representation.

5 tips for working with clients who stand in their own way

Recently, I had an immigration case, where my client was tardy on every deadline and patently refused to do anything beyond the bare minimum to aid their cause. I was emotionally drained by the case but buoyed by the positive result at the end. I must admit I couldn’t fight the impulse to remind the client that they had stood in the way of their own success.

Lawyer is disbarred after accusations of ‘pervasive incivility’ and ‘reckless indifference to the law’

A lawyer has been disbarred in Maryland following the same disposition in Virginia for rejecting settlement offers without a client’s consent and demonstrating “pervasive incivility.”

Lawyer is disbarred after disciplinary review board alleges an ‘egregious ethics history’

The New Jersey Supreme Court has disbarred a Haddonfield, New Jersey, lawyer who was previously reprimanded once, censured once and suspended four times.

Ticket-fighting app was engaged in unauthorized law practice, top state court rules

An app that connected traffic-ticket defendants with lawyers was engaged in the unauthorized practice of law, the Florida Supreme Court ruled Thursday in a 4-3 decision.

New ABA ethics opinion clarifies obligations for language access in lawyer-client relationships

Attorneys often must take affirmative steps to ensure that they can communicate effectively with clients with limited English proficiency or with those with noncognitive physical disabilities, such as a hearing or a speech impairment.

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