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Sweet Music to Jim Morrison Fans: A Pardon?

Is it time to pardon Doors frontman Jim Morrison, famous for his music and infamous for his bad behavior?

Dave Diamond, a cable TV producer from Dayton, Ohio, thinks so.…

Study This, Mr. Principal: Student Wins Web Case

Placing a middle school student on probation for criticizing a school principal in expletive-laden language on a MySpace page violated her First Amendment right of free speech, the Indiana Court…

A Sixth Sense About Criminal Trials

A young litigator unites Justice Scalia and the court’s liberals over defendants’ rights

A Death Sentence Is Brought to Mind

Court examines mental illness and an inmate’s understanding of execution

Court Takes Cases Out of the Office

Firing, racial bias, minimum wage fill out employment law issues

April 20, 1971

School Busing Gets the Green Light

Paging Dr. Miles: Antitrust Law Examined

Absent for a decade, price-fixing and competition are back before the high court

High Court Holds a ’60s Revival

Warren era comes to life in cases on student signs and standing to sue

Violation or Salvation?

Prosecutors say it’s a sex crime. Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs says it’s counseling his flock.

Following the Beat of the Ban

After a loss in South Dakota, many in the anti-abortion movement reassess their legal strategy

January 22, 1973

U.S. Supreme Court Rules in Roe v. Wade

Death Be Not So Complicated

U.S. Supreme Court addresses fairness of four sentencing hearings

A Deal with Death

More states make child molestation a capital crime—and face likely challenges

Facing the Facts

Abortion Case May Turn on Whether Courts or Congress Are Deemed Better Fact-Finders

Picket Fencing

Laws Blunting Church’s Protests Worry First Amendment Experts

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