Consumer Law

1815 ABA Journal Consumer Law articles.

Strange New World

Lawyers, debtors and creditors are struggling to absorb sweeping changes in bankruptcy law

Die, Dammit, Die!

Plucky Patient Perseveres, Turning the Actuarial Tables on Impatient Investors

Breaking Up Downloading

Recording Industry Keeps Fighting Illegal File Sharing With Even More Lawsuits

Sweeter Lemon Laws

As More Drivers Choose to Lease Cars, Courts Are Expanding Federal Warranties

Vive les Class Actions

Europe Is Showing More Interest in Legal Mechanisms That Have Come Under Fire in the United States

Collections Clues

Keep Your Practice Tidy With Attention to a Few Essentials

Reporting Errors

Lawyers Need to Consult Federal Law Before Ordering Credit Reports for Litigation

Consumer Complaints

Customers Worry About Loss of Privacy When Businesses Share Credit Information