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No Associates at This Law Firm, Just Consultants

A Canadian law firm says it has never has a problem with associates over billable hours requirements. That’s because it has no associates.

Instead, Thackray Burgess has “consultants” who hire…

Fewer Law Firm Options for New Grads?

Some say they couldn’t find law firm jobs. Others say they didn’t want to.

But the bottom line for a small fraction of the nation’s newly minted law school graduates…

McDermott’s Assoc. Tiers Twist: The B Team

Another major law firm is planning to institute a two-tiered system for associate attorneys. But it is taking a different approach from what some other avant-garde law shops are doing.

Bingham Offers Associate Buyouts

Bingham McCutchen is paying buyouts to several associates at its San Francisco office,reportedly in response to a slowdown in commercial litigation.

Four associates left the firm and three others transferred…