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Subway Hero Hit by Lawyer’s Countersuit

The hero who jumped onto the subway tracks in New York City to save a teenager is facing a countersuit from his ex-lawyer.

Wesley Autrey had sued lawyer Diane Kleiman…

Battle of CEOs Over Warner Music Deal

The former CEO of Simon & Schuster has sued Edgar Bronfman Jr. saying the businessman backed out of an oral deal to pay him for help negotiating the $2.6 billion…

Gov’t. Contractors Beware: Private Info Public

Big contractors and subcontractors doing work for the government should be concerned about a new disclosure rule to take effect by July 1, says Emily W. Murphy. A lawyer at…

Lawyer’s Suit Against Google Transferred

Pennsylvania attorney Lawrence E. Feldman has seen his case against search giant Google transferred to federal court in California. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania found…

Die, Dammit, Die!

Plucky Patient Perseveres, Turning the Actuarial Tables on Impatient Investors

Fright Flight

Rancher Sues After Hot Air Balloon Triggers Two-Legged Stampede

The Avian Flu Time Bomb

The Legal System Will Play a Key Role in Planning the Response to a Possible Onslaught of the Virus

Shear Outrage

School District Gets Clipped by Angry Mom After Teachers Get Snippy With Her Son

Banking On Faith

Islamic Financial Transactions Are Becoming Big Business for Shari’ah-Savvy Lawyers

Prohibited Provisions

No-Further-Representation Clauses May Be Advantageous, But They’re Also Unethical

Look Before You Leap

Selling to the Government Can Be Lucrative, But the Public Contract System May Seem Like Unfamiliar Waters