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A Denial and a Low-Budget Defense in RIAA Trial

The woman accused of sharing a couple dozen copyrighted songs on the KaZaA file sharing service says she didn’t do it, but she can’t afford an expert to explain why…

Accused File-Sharer Won’t Back Down

Jammie Thomas is among 26,000 or so people who were sued by the music industry as part of a campaign to stop the illegal sharing of online music files.


Nursing Homes Sue Over PI Firm’s Ad

A personal injury law firm has been sued by the owners of a nursing home chain prominently mentioned in the law firm’s Web site advertising.

Genesis Healthcare Corp. contends McHugh…

Suit Claims Right to Choreography

A lawsuit against the New Dance Group claims choreographers or their heirs have the right to control performances of dances first staged by the New York company in the 1930s…

Designers Sue Over Knockoffs

More than 20 designers concerned about knockoffs of their fashions have filed lawsuits against the clothing chain Forever 21.

Other stores have been sued as well, the Sep 4, 2007 4:18 PM CDT

Rehearing in Freelancer Copyright Case

A federal appeals court has agreed to rehear a case that considers whether freelance writers have rights to stories published in a magazine’s exact reproduction in digital CD-ROM format.


Documentary Tests Fair Use

A new documentary called “War Made Easy” tests fair use law by using unlicensed network news footage.

The producers paid for about 60 percent of the clips and contend they…

Facebook Favored in Faceoff

The creator of Facebook has the upper hand in a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by the founders of a competing social networking Web site, according to one expert.

R. Scott…

Quelle Crime! Teen Held for Potter Book Posted en Français

A 16-year-old has been arrested and briefly jailed for allegedly translating the entire 759-page book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, into French and posting it on the Internet within…

Judge Skeptical of Facebook Suit

Lawyers for the founders a social networking Web site will get a chance to revise their infringement complaint against their big-name competitor, Facebook Inc.

But they may face an uphill…

Firm’s Archive Search Not Illegal

A Pennsylvania law firm has emerged unscathed from its trip through the “Wayback Machine.”

Judge Robert Kelly of Philadelphia has ruled Harding, Earley, Follmer & Frailey did not infringe a…

E-Discovery Order May Be a First

A Los Angeles magistrate has ordered a Web search engine to collect customer data stored in random access memory in perhaps the first case to require such discovery.

TorrentSpy, a search engine that directs users to video files, is appealing the order, the Recorder reports. The company is being sued for copyright infringement by six movie studios seeking access to RAM to learn more about the files sought by site visitors.

Andy Griffith Wins Right to Run for Sheriff

Although he lost resoundingly the last time around, Andy Griffith can continue to run for sheriff in Grant County, Wis., a federal judge has ruled.

The federal court in Madison,…

Out From the Stacks

Librarians Lead Legal Battles Over the Patriot Act, Copyright, Tech Issues

Fear of Blogging

As the Law Catches Up to the Technology, Bloggers Look for a Few Good Attorneys

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