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Supreme Court justices get around-the-clock security after leak of draft abortion opinion; 25 state AGs call for action

U.S. Supreme Court justices began getting around-the-clock security last week, as protesters who fear an end to abortion rights gathered outside the homes of conservative justices.

Judge’s COVID-19 protocols violated defendant’s right to a public trial, 9th Circuit rules

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a defendant’s Sixth Amendment right to a public trial was violated when a trial judge allowed an audio stream but not video access to the proceedings.

New law toughens stock disclosure requirements for federal judges; separate ethics bill faces ‘steep climb’

President Joe Biden on Friday signed into law a bill that strengthens financial disclosure requirements for federal judges.

Will Supreme Court adopt high-tech tools to fight security breaches?

The U.S. Supreme Court could take several measures to increase security following the leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion to Politico.

Where are the other draft opinions in SCOTUS abortion case? So far, there are none, report says

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade is the only draft opinion circulating in the abortion case, according to a report by Politico.

Texas judge is reprimanded following the shackling of 2 lawyers in courtroom

A Houston family court judge has been publicly reprimanded for ordering two lawyers to be escorted to the jury box by a bailiff who shackled them to a chair while court proceedings continued.

Man who failed to obtain restraining order against nephew is accused of shooting him outside courthouse

Criminal Justice

Former judge faces prison time after pleading guilty to sexual assault of 2 court employees

A former judge in Washington, who was accused of sexually assaulting two former court employees, agreed to a plea deal as his trial was set to begin Monday.

Lawyers could carry guns in court if Kentucky governor signs bill

Kentucky lawmakers have approved a bill that allows lawyers to carry guns in court.

Thousands of confidential ethics and juvenile records are published online

A website called judyrecords.com has published thousands of confidential court records from across the nation, including private ethics records in California and juvenile court records from several states, according to reporting.

Staffer did not impersonate judge in online hearing, court employees say

Court employees deny that a Dallas County, Texas, judge authorized her court coordinator to impersonate her during an online hearing in August.

As omicron COVID-19 cases surge, several courts pause jury trials

A California federal court said Wednesday it would suspend in-person jury trials following similar announcements by other state and federal courts amid the surge in omicron COVID-19 cases.

Delayed justice is still a problem after COVID-19 disruptions

The justice system continues to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic nearly two years after courthouses first began closing and limiting operations, according to a Washington Post report.

Lawyer accused of threat to release judge’s nude photos can be sued for punitive damages, court rules

A Florida judge can seek punitive damages against a lawyer she accused of threatening to release her nude photos unless she acquiesced to his demands in her child custody case, according to a Dec. 9 decision.

Jail guard is shot and killed at courthouse after officer fires on inmate who grabbed a weapon

A jail guard was shot and killed in an Altoona, Pennsylvania, courthouse Wednesday when a police officer fired on an inmate who had grabbed the guard’s weapon.

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