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A slew of federal and state courts suspend trials or close for coronavirus threat
The number of federal and state courts taking steps to thwart transmission of the novel coronavirus continues to grow. More than 25 federal district courts are pausing jury trials, following a trend that is still gaining ground in state courts.
ABA asks courthouses to reconsider cellphone bans

Dina Afek often tells clients they’re not allowed to bring their cellphones into courthouses in New Mexico. “As attorneys, we can bring in phones, so it’s creating a weird class issue,” says Afek, the volunteer attorney program director for New Mexico Legal Aid. “It is disproportionately affecting poor people and self-represented litigants.”

‘Parks and Recreation’ reminds us how important court reporters are to the legal system

Court stenographers, or “court reporters” as they are commonly referred to, are often left overshadowed and underappreciated. But proper and reliable conclusions to controversies would not be possible without their invaluable work, says lawyer Adam Banner.

Courts in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas announce closings for Hurricane Dorian

Several courts in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina already have announced closings as Hurricane Dorian approached off the coast.

You can find state court closings here in Florida,…

What do you do with your cellphone while you’re in court?

At the recent 2019 ABA Annual Meeting, the House of Delegates approved a resolution that encouraged courts and bar associations to review their policies on cellphone use and admittance…

Cellphone use in courthouses is an ‘access-to-justice issue,’ ABA House says
The ABA House of Delegates on Tuesday approved a resolution encouraging courts and bar associations to review their policies on the use and admittance of cellphones in courthouses.
Limit guns in courthouses and train those who use them, ABA House of Delegates urges
Only court personnel who need guns for security reasons should be permitted to carry them in the courts, the ABA House of Delegates said Monday.
Stun belts are intended to keep control in courtroom, but some judges use them to inflict punishment
James Calvert had been a difficult defendant. On trial in 2015 on charges of murdering his wife and kidnapping his son, Calvert had chosen to represent himself, but was having trouble following the judge’s instructions to stand up when addressing the Smith County court in East Texas.
Knife-wielding man is shot outside LA courthouse amid infringement case against Katy Perry

A courthouse security officer shot and wounded a man wielding a knife outside the federal courthouse in Los Angeles on Tuesday as testimony continued in a trial that contends that…

Lawyer is charged after shooting injured raccoon near courthouse
A Pennsylvania lawyer has been charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct for shooting an injured raccoon near the Luzerne County Courthouse last month.
Judge accused of trying to cover up chronic tardiness and absenteeism

An Atlanta judge who was chronically late and persistently absent compounded her problems when she tried to cover it up, according to allegations in an ethics complaint filed last Wednesday.

Officers kill gunman firing on Dallas federal courthouse; news photographer snaps photos

Federal officers shot and killed a gunman firing on the federal courthouse in Dallas on Monday morning.

A photographer for the Dallas Morning News, Tom Fox, snapped photos of the…

Hedge fund founder jailed after judge says he lunged at federal prosecutor during trial break

Updated: A hedge fund founder on trial for allegedly faking investment gains was sent to jail Monday after prosecutors accused him of trying to intimidate an assistant U.S. attorney during…

A new bill in this state would allow attorneys to skip courthouse security

A proposed bill in Texas would provide a new security card to attorneys, so they can skip security lines in courthouses in any of the state’s 254 counties.


Brewer makes limited-edition beer dedicated to this Supreme Court justice

Brewer Samuel Adams has released a limited-edition beer dedicated to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The beer was to be released Friday at the brewer’s Boston taproom, report…

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