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Cheney Pushed ‘Robust Interrogation’

Fare more so than has been realized until now, Vice President Dick Cheney was a key architect of the Bush administration’s plan to evade the Geneva conventions and at least…

Appeal of Contempt Ruling to No Avail; Will Phil Spector Lawyer Go to Jail?

A former defense lawyer for music producer and murder defendant Phil Spector may soon be headed for the slam.

Sara Caplan had been held in contempt by the trial judge…

Bush Aides Plan to Close Gitmo Prison

Public, legislative and judicial pressure to end the extraordinary detention of so-called enemy combatants and others suspected of links to al-Qaeda terrorists at a U.S. Navy prison in Guantanamo Bay,…

Filing Error Costs Gov’t $100 M Tax Bill

Oops. After winning a tax evasion case against a man described as the biggest tax evader in U.S. history, federal prosecutors made a mistake.

They cited the wrong statutory language…

Deadline-Error Case Overrules Precedent

The lawyer for a convicted murderer who lost his Supreme Court appeal over a mistaken filing deadline says the court “went for form over substance.”

Jun 15, 2007 12:26 PM CDT

Nuremberg Attorney: Gitmo Trials Unfair

An 88-year-old American lawyer who helped try war criminals at Nuremberg, Germany, after World War II says today’s Guantanamo Bay cases fly in the face of the prosecutorial precedent he…

Civil Case Leads to Murder Charge

For years, Mary Miller thought she knew who had murdered her son, Jesse: his father. Chicago police agreed. But there wasn’t enough evidence to charge Leroy Alexander with the 2002…

UK Extradites U.S. Citizen on Terror Charges

The extradition of a terror suspect from Britain to the United States is a first, prosecutors say.

Syed Hashmi arrived in New York over the weekend, the May 30, 2007 3:52 PM CDT

Defendant Decks Juror, Doesn’t K.O. Case

Decking an elderly juror in full view of 15 other members of the panel didn’t end a defendant’s ongoing criminal trial in Massachusetts.

That’s because it would be unfair to…

A Death Sentence Is Brought to Mind

Court examines mental illness and an inmate’s understanding of execution

Confronting 911 Evidence

High Court Ponders Whether Statements Are ‘Testimonial,’ Requiring Confrontation

Churning up the Jury Pool

Massachusetts Case Renews Debate About Minority Representation on Federal Juries

Battle of the Expert

A Forensic Pathologist Successfully Fights Criminal Charges Stemming From His Testimony in a Shaken Baby Case

Vive les Class Actions

Europe Is Showing More Interest in Legal Mechanisms That Have Come Under Fire in the United States

Challenging Peremptories

Court Doesn’t Buy Proposal to End Jury-Selection Bias by Barring No-Cause Strikes

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