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Law Firms Overlook Vulnerabilities to Cyberattacks, Panel Says

While applauding Google’s unprecedented decision to disclose that its networks had been infiltrated by a China-based espionage operation in 2010, panelists at the ABA Annual Meeting in Toronto expressed doubts…

Cyberattack Targets Law Enforcement Officers, Anonymous Tipsters

Among the targets of a widespread cyberattack are about 75 law enforcement groups.

The hacker groups Anonymous and LulzSec are collaborating on the AntiSec project, which is targeting large government…

FBI Reportedly Shuts Down Multiple Servers in Latest Computer Raid

Updated: As the FBI struggles to gain control over Internet crime, it is conducting unprecedented raids on computer equipment that may interfere with third parties’ computer operations.

In what is…

Letters to the Editor: Cloudy Forecast

Kudos for Solo Mills

Cyberspace Under Siege

Law firms are likely targets for attacks seeking to steal information off computer systems

Hewlett-Packard GC Says Tech Industry Faces ‘Erosion of Trust’ Over Cybersecurity

Hewlett-Packard general counsel Michael Holston says the technology industry needs to work with other industries and the U.S. government to address cybersecurity concerns.

Speaking Tuesday at a…

Google Seeks Help from Spy Agency on Hack Attacks, Raising Privacy Concerns

As malicious cyber attacks apparently are occurring more frequently and with more sophistication than ever before, a search engine giant has turned to a U.S. spy agency for help in…

A Breach Too Far

Cybersecurity concerns may foster changes in lawyer ethics rules

New Federal Cybersecurity Plan Likely to Ignite Privacy Firestorm

A recommended plan by a bipartisan commission of technology experts to strengthen cybersecurity laws and create a new federal oversight post equivalent to the director of national security is likely…