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Weekly Briefs: SCOTUS approval rating plummets; Trumps lose deposition appeal

SCOTUS approval rating drops 10 percentage points

Only 44% of the public approves of the way that the U.S. Supreme Court is handling its job, according to a Marquette University…

Lawyers who released Trump’s ‘dangerous’ fruit deposition should be sanctioned, motion says

Opposing counsel should be sanctioned for releasing deposition testimony in which former President Donald Trump expressed his fear of being hit by hurled fruit, according to a motion filed by Trump’s lawyers.

ACLU lawyers reviewed op-ed that led to Johnny Depp’s defamation claim, its GC testifies

Several lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union reviewed the Washington Post op-ed by actress Amber Heard that led to actor Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against her, according to testimony by the organization’s general counsel last week.

Judge won’t toss $13B suit against Baker Donelson and insurer for alleged spying on litigant

A state court judge in Georgia has refused to toss a $13 billion lawsuit alleging that Baker Donelsen and American Family Insurance conspired to spy on a litigant with illegally placed electronic devices.

Judge awards nearly $289K as sanction for conduct of BigLaw firm and its former partner

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., has awarded $288,900 in attorney fees and expenses to human-rights plaintiffs as a sanction for litigation conduct by Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison…

5th Circuit tells lawyer it is ‘often advisable to read the court’s orders,’ upholds $1,250 sanction

A federal appeals court has upheld a $1,250 sanction against a Dallas lawyer for the attorney fees incurred by his litigation opponent when he misread a federal judge’s ruling.

New York attorney general asks court to hold Trump in civil contempt, fine him $10K per day

New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked a state court judge to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt and fine him $10,000 per day until he turns over subpoenaed documents in her civil probe of his business.

Conduct depositions remotely with these virtual technologies

Two years have passed since the onset of the pandemic, and no matter how you look at it, things will never be quite the same. COVID-19 changed everything. In many cases, the only way for lawyers to continue to practice law and maintain business operations during the pandemic has been to take advantage of remote working technologies.

Lawyer deemed an ‘overzealous advocate’ is suspended for altering photos of police lineups

The Florida Supreme Court has suspended a Miami criminal defense lawyer for altering photos of police lineups that were shown to a robbery victim during a deposition.

Weekly Briefs: Walter Dellinger dies at 80; lawyer’s ‘succubustic’ comment deemed protected speech

‘Giant in the law’ Walter Dellinger dies

Former acting U.S. Solicitor General Walter Dellinger died Feb. 16 at age 80. Dellinger was a longtime professor at the Duke University School…

Lawyer is suspended for deposition threat to expose intimate photos of woman in court record

An Indiana lawyer has been suspended for threatening to make a woman’s intimate photos part of the public record if she continued to seek a protective order against his client.

Federal magistrate judge orders lawyers to ‘not impugn Chinese culture’ in future depositions

A federal magistrate judge in Georgia ordered lawyers for an injured longshoreman to “not impugn Chinese culture” in future depositions in his lawsuit against a Chinese shipping line.

Lawyer is suspended after claiming he feared ‘untimely death’ if he appeared at police officers’ deposition

A Florida lawyer has been suspended for two years for unfounded accusations of racial bias, including his assertion that appearing at a deposition with police officers could lead to bodily injury or his “untimely death.”

Lawyer is suspended for texting witness during phone deposition; how did opposing counsel find out?

A Florida lawyer has been suspended for 91 days for texting advice to a witness during a phone deposition and then failing to come clean when questioned by the opposing counsel and a judge.

Judge orders lawyer jailed so he can be deposed behind bars

A judge in Fulton County, Georgia, has found a lawyer in civil contempt and ordered him jailed to allow for a deposition behind bars.

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