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Who’s at fault when engagement ends? Appeals court considers issue in suit for return of $70K ring

A man who called off his engagement is entitled to the return of a $70,000-plus engagement ring and a wedding band, the Massachusetts Appeals Court has ruled in a 2-1 decision.

Charge of attempted strangulation precedes general counsel’s ouster

The general counsel of pet medication and wellness company PetIQ has been fired “without cause” after he was charged with trying to strangle his wife.

Ex-BigLaw partner shown in tirade videos sues influencer for allegedly destroying his career

A former Greenberg Traurig partner has sued a social media influencer for allegedly posting “false, defamatory and misleading videos” that sought to depict him as an abusive father and spouse.

‘Bad boy’ postnup clause can be enforced in Maryland, top state court says

Maryland public policy allows enforcement of a $7 million “bad boy” postnuptial clause that penalizes a spouse for adultery, the Maryland Supreme Court has ruled.

Was slap that left mark child abuse? Suspended judge who sought to hide son’s act didn’t think so

A judge in Wayne County, Michigan, has been censured and suspended for six months without pay for hiding evidence that her son had physically abused one of her grandsons.

Free litigation training for attorneys who represent domestic violence survivors is available through the ABA

The ABA Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence Trial Skills Institute helps attorneys who represent survivors of domestic violence improve their advocacy and litigation skills. Participants act as counsel for a party in a hypothetical case involving domestic violence and develop theory, opening statements, closing arguments, direct examinations and cross-examinations.

SCOTUS will decide whether subjects of domestic-violence restraining orders can be banned from gun ownership

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed to decide the constitutionality of a federal law that bans gun ownership by people subject to domestic-violence restraining orders.

Judge recuses after he is accused of declaring that Middle Eastern men are abusive

Updated: A judge in Cook County, Illinois, has agreed to step down from a case after a lawyer alleged he made statements that are “violent, discriminatory, racist and antagonistic” during an in-chambers discussion.

BigLaw partner resigns after terminally ill ex-wife posted videos of his tirades

A Greenberg Traurig partner has resigned from the law firm following its investigation into a situation arising from a four-year divorce and custody battle.

Fill the ‘Justice Gap’: Victims of domestic violence need your pro bono legal help

I’ll never forget sitting in professor Sarah Buel’s Domestic Violence and the Law class at the University of Texas School of Law, as she shared her iconic article: Fifty Obstacles to Leaving, a.k.a., Why Abuse Victims Stay.

Protecting Polyamory: Municipalities expand rights, domestic partnerships to include nontraditional relationships

Polyamory is a slightly narrower form of consensual nonmonogamy in which people agree to have multiple, loving relationships openly and with full consent. Structure and agreements vary widely.

Colorado will license paraprofessionals to perform limited legal work

The Colorado Supreme Court has approved a new rule that allows licensed nonlawyer paraprofessionals to perform limited legal work in some divorce and child-custody matters.

Colorado man faces $300K bond after suing, threatening multiple judges

A Colorado man still faces a $300,000 bond after being indicted by a grand jury on 24 counts, including criminal extortion, conspiracy and retaliation against a judge.

Federal judge rejects Trump’s quid-pro-quo DNA offer in suit by rape accuser

A federal judge in Manhattan, New York City, has ruled against former President Donald Trump after he belatedly offered to provide a DNA sample in a suit filed by a woman who accused him of sexual assault, in exchange for missing pages of a forensic analysis of the dress that his accuser says she wore on the day in question.

Heat-of-passion defense no longer available in slayings after infidelity disclosure, top state court says

The top court in Massachusetts has ruled that a murder defendant who kills a partner after being told of infidelity can’t use a heat-of-passion defense to lower the charge to voluntary manslaughter.

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