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Bounty-Hunters Irk Calif. AG

About a dozen law firms are filing lawsuits that help enforce a California law requiring businesses to tell consumers when they are exposed to cancer-causing substances.

Their suits generate 100…

Seven Accused of Killing Pigeon Predators

Federal agents went undercover to find evidence that members of roller pigeon clubs were illegally killing hawks and falcons that were eating specially bred birds.

Roller pigeons are bred to…

Activists: Timber Suit Based on Draft Regulations

In a lawsuit characterized as “downright bizarre” by a Seattle newspaper blog, a timber industry lawyer who formerly worked for the Bush administration has made a legal claim based on…

Calif. Governor Threatens EPA Lawsuit

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency six months to issue a waiver allowing a state clean air law to take effect.

“The clock is ticking,” the…

U.S. Mining Executive Innocent in Indonesia

A 21-month criminal trial in Indonesia against a major U.S. mining company and one of its executives ended today with a not-guilty verdict by the judge.

Despite a reported demonstration…

Vermont Emissions Law on Trial

Trial begins in a Vermont court on Tuesday in a case challenging states’ efforts to limit vehicle emissions.

The case will be heard in U.S. District Court in Burlington,

Green Fees

Anticipating more business, some firms bolster their climate-change practices

Up Against the Seawall

After Last Year’s Hurricanes, a New Storm Over Property Rights and Beach Protection Engulfs Florida’s Coast

Feeling the Heat

The Growing Debate Over Climate Change Takes on Legal Overtones

Going With the Flow

Wetlands Cases Raise Anew the Question of the Environment and Federal Power

Saving the Seas

ABA Urges Government to Take Steps to Protect the Nation’s Ocean Resources

Good Climate For Business

Joining the Fight Against Greenhouse Gas Emissions Helps Firms Grow Opportunities

More than Just Peanuts

High Court’s Pesticide, Stock Market Cases Test Whether Federal Regulations Bar Suits