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Court Interpreters a ‘Growth Industry’ in S.C.

South Carolina’s federal court dockets are being flooded with cases requiring interpreters, especially for defendants accused of bringing illegal drugs into the state.

Cases involving interpreters are sometimes more complex…

Recantations Re-evaluated

The court system has often spurned witness recantations, but DNA evidence shows that stance may be misguided.

Metadata Minefield

Opinions disagree on whether it’s ethical to look at hidden electronic information

Attorney-Client ‘Privilege’?

Impostor Meets Inmate for Some Jailhouse Rockin’, Ruse Comes to Light When Guards Come a-Knockin’

A Tangled Trail of Discovery

How a special master’s sleuth work helped resolve a business dispute

E-Discovery Gets Real

Revisions to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure still leave many questions about discovery of electronic evidence

Match Point

How a Denver Rape Probe Got the FBI to Change Policy and Release Kinship DNA

Targeting Depo Tactics

New York Is Latest State to Put the Brakes on Deposition Abuse

Doubt and DNA

In a Case About New Evidence, High Court Looks to the Future of Innocence Claims

Deposition Traps

You May Not Realize You Fell in Until You’re Getting Devoured at Trial

‘That’s Him!—Or Is It?’

Despite Study Upon Study, Police Lineups Are Still an Inexact Science

Staying Above the E-Flood

Booming E-Discovery Market May Be Headed for a Shakeout

Story Line

Write Briefs That Use the Facts to Establish Your Theme of the Case

Preventing E-Glitches

Understanding Search-Term Basics Ensures More Thorough E-Discovery Compliance

Confronting 911 Evidence

High Court Ponders Whether Statements Are ‘Testimonial,’ Requiring Confrontation

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