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Hand It Over

Ethics Duties Conflict When Lawyers Receive Evidence From Clients in Criminal Cases

Science Experiment

Industries Are Using a Landmark Case and a 2001 Law to Block Regulation, Critics Say

Trial Tokens

Keeping Unique Leftover Evidence Helps These Lawyers Reflect, Inspire and Teach

Porous Privilege

Lawyers Struggle to Keep Work Product, Legal Advice Secret in Electronic Discovery

Passing the Gavel, Keeping Our Purpose

Lawyers, Remember It’s Your Job to Support Rights of the Judiciary and Legal Profession

Be Careful in the Woodshed

Preparing a Witness to Testify Can Have Consequences You Didn’t Expect

Everyday Heroes

Nonprofessional Experts Rank High on Jury Credibility at a Lower Cost to Lawyers

Thrifty Litigation

Law Firms are Still Learning How to Hold Down Litigation Costs to Please Corporate Clients

Give Acrobat a Workout

The Professional Version Provides Many Uses in Law Office Tasks

Grasping the Concept

The Best Tool for Discovery Is Still a Good Lawyer’s Brain

The Uncertain Science of Evidence

Some Testimony from Expert Witnesses in Criminal Trials Is Having Trouble Standing Up to Tougher Scrutiny from the Courts

Exposing Injustice

Lawyer Turns Documentary Filmmaker to Champion Rights of the Wrongly Accused

Prove It

Task Force Seeks Evidence That Recent Policies Undermine Attorney-Client Privilege

Of Motives and Memos

Supreme Court Will Hear the Tale of Arthur Andersen’s Fall

Clean Up Your Mess

A Case Full of Clutter Won’t Look Very Good to the Jury

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