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Are Schools Returning to the 1950s?

A Harvard Study Shows Mixed Results in Integration, With Many Public Schools Becoming More Polarized

Opening Sentences

While the Feeney Amendment’s Tightening of Federal Guidelines Has Judges Steaming, States Are Moving to Loosen Up Strict Regimens

Children Without a Country

Thousands of Kids Arrive Each Year Without an Adult and Without Knowing English. Lacking a Lawyer, They Face a Daunting Legal System.

The Good Fight Gets Harder

As Legislatures Cut Prosecutors’ Budgets to the Bone, Caseloads Are Backing Up, and Fewer Young Attorneys Are Choosing to Stay

The Education of Larry Lessig

A Supreme Court Loss Inspires a Stanford Professor to Renew his Copyright Fight

MJP Picks Up Steam

More States Are Looking at ABA Proposals to Ease Rules on Multijurisdictional Practice

Greetings From ‘Independent’ Hawaii

A Drive to Gain Some Measure of Self-Government for Hawaii’s Native Population Raises Questions About Whether the State Could Even Leave the Union

Out of the Blue

Even after the Supreme Court tried to rein in expert witnesses willing to testify at the drop of a theory, embattled dentist Michael West and his shining light prove that ‘science’ can be stranger than fiction.