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ABA task force seeks to bolster public confidence in our institutions

“Trust in our institutions of government is a central tenet of our democracy. As lawyers, we are acutely aware that our democracy depends on faith in our court systems. … As members of the American Bar Association, it is our duty to safeguard and further our nearly century-long commitment as national leaders in defining the parameters of legal and judicial ethics.”

US will hold Russia accountable for war crimes in Ukraine, AG says in stirring speech

Nov. 28, 1953: LSD and the death of a CIA scientist

The mystery began in the early morning hours of Nov. 28, 1953, soon after Frank Olson plunged onto the pavement in front of New York City’s Hotel Statler. Two decades later, the mystery surrounding Olson’s death would result in a lawsuit, a presidential apology and a six-figure settlement.

ABA president announces Martin Scorsese, Dolores Huerta to join new speaker series

Beginning in October, ABA members will hear directly from Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, labor rights icon Dolores Huerta and other influential thinkers and trailblazers.

Federal prosecutor’s office in rural Oklahoma struggles to hire attorneys for spiking caseloads

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Oklahoma is struggling to hire lawyers after obtaining funding to ramp up from eight criminal prosecutors to 159 employees.

Texas AG Paxton warns Biden administration to ‘buckle up’ after acquittal at impeachment trial

After his acquittal at an impeachment trial Saturday, Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton alleged that the “sham” proceeding was coordinated by the Biden administration along with the “liberal” speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Republican Dade Phelan.

Justice Alito temporarily blocks curbs on Biden administration’s communications with social media

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito on Thursday temporarily blocked an injunction that curbed the Biden administration’s communications with social media.

Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar embraces tough task at conservative-leaning Supreme Court

“I often get asked a version of this question: ‘What happens when you know you’re going to lose?’” U.S. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar said this week in an appearance at the University of Wisconsin Law School. “I’m an incorrigible optimist.”

US pressure on social media over misinformation likely unconstitutional, 5th Circuit says

Updated: The U.S. government likely violated the First Amendment by pressuring social media companies to block COVID-19 misinformation and other content, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

Does federal law prevent employers from making you wear a bra at work?

Can your employer make you wear a bra at work? The New York Times addressed the issue in an “Ask Vanessa” column.

FDA’s ‘tweet-sized doses’ of ivermectin advice can be challenged in lawsuit, 5th Circuit says

Doctors who prescribed the human version of a drug called ivermectin to thousands of their COVID-19 patients can sue the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Weekly Briefs: Top firms named for female equity partners; Trump inflated net worth by $2.2B, motion says

These law firms ranked best for female equity partners

Three large law firms are reporting that more than 33% of their equity partners are women, according to Law360 Pulse’s 2023…

Up to $2.1 million in student aid improperly disbursed for LLMs, Education Department says

Five stand-alone, ABA-accredited law schools recently entered settlement agreements with the U.S. Department of Education for disbursing federal aid to LLM students without the necessary accreditation.

Are defendants in Georgia case against Trump entitled to removal? These standards apply

U.S. District Judge Steve C. Jones of the Northern District of Georgia on Monday promised to rule “quickly but reasonably” on a bid by former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to remove the criminal racketeering case against him from Fulton County, Georgia, to federal court.

Want to help survivors of the Hawaii wildfires? The ABA has options for you

The ABA is calling on attorneys to join the response to the Maui wildfires in Hawaii, which claimed the lives of more than 100 people and displaced thousands more earlier this month.

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