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Ideas from the Front

75 ABA Journal Ideas from the Front articles.

Advice from Within

More Firms Are Commandeering Partners to Serve as General Counsel

A Tell-All Approach

Opening Corporate Investigations Fosters Credibility With the Feds

Fast Cars and Fake Bugs

At These Firms, Creative Thinking Fuels Client Development

Hometown Advantage

Working With—or as—Local Counsel Requires Balancing Power, Expectations

Marching Orders

Sometimes Promoting Pro Bono Takes Strong Leadership

Moving To Mumbai

More Firms Are Outsourcing Support Services to India. Will Legal Work Be Next?

Do It The DuPont Way

Its Much Vaunted Model for Saving Money on Outside Counsel Is Now the Standard

Consorting Is a Good Thing

Through Consortiums, Firms Can Expand Offerings While Maintaining Independence

Help Wanted

Filling Vacancies on Corporate Boards Creates Headaches for In-House Lawyers

Law Tech Generations

Newer Versions of Firm Web Sites Boldly Go Where Few Lawyers Have Gone Before

In Sickness and In Health

Flexibility Is Key When Covering for a Compromised Colleague

Becoming Kingsfield

Despite the Time Commitment, Adjunct Professors Love the Lectern

Dealing With Doom

Don’t Let a Client’s Financial Woes Send You Into a Tailspin

Strange Currency

In One Firm, Post-It Notes and Bonuses Promote Good Work

Arranged Rainmaking

Web-Based Firm Offers an Easy But Pricey Way for Lawyers to Hook Up With Clients