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Ideas from the Front

75 ABA Journal Ideas from the Front articles.

Operation Law Firm Leader

Ex-Military Types Bring Strong Organizational Skills and Integrity to the Job

Less Razzle, More Dazzle

When it comes to marketing, some lawyers find unslick is the trick

Green Fees

Anticipating more business, some firms bolster their climate-change practices

Puttin’ On the Ritz

How a venerable hotel chain helped a law firm boost staff productivity, morale

Moving Targets

Some Courts May Be Changing Course on Corporate Counsel Mobility

Clause for Alarm

As Arbitration Costs Rise, In-House Counsel Turn to Mediation or a Combined Approach

Targeting Depo Tactics

New York Is Latest State to Put the Brakes on Deposition Abuse

Selected Shorts

Video Marketing Gains Popularity Among Lawyers for Speed, Convenience

Like a Broken Record

When Transcripts Are Lost or Mangled, Some Lawyers Fight and Some Are Polite

Training For Rain

Some Firms Turn to Outside Companies for In-House Business Development

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

It’s Not Easy to Get Clients Who Receive Large Sums to Accept Financial Advice

Dangerous Waters

Difficulties of Cruise Ship Practice Keep Number of Litigators ‘Steady as She Goes’

Worthy Work

Distinguishing Clients’ Treasure From Trash Can Be Tricky Business

Revising Law Review

Journals Struggle for Relevancy in a Field Redefined by the Internet

High and Mighty

Some Big Firms Are Using Supreme Court Practice Groups to Boost the Bottom Line

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