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Ideas from the Front

75 ABA Journal Ideas from the Front articles.

Bench Learners

The Judiciary’s Changing Role Sparks Hotter Topics for CLE Courses

Growing Practices

A New Crop of Lawyers Has Created a Niche Representing Medical Marijuana Clinics

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Sponsoring Original Surveys Can Bring Industry Recognition, New Business

Preventing E-Glitches

Understanding Search-Term Basics Ensures More Thorough E-Discovery Compliance

Technology, Translated

These IP Litigators Use Unconventional Methods to Find Uber-Articulate Experts

Taking it Down a Notch

A Study Contends Single-Tiered Partnership Is More Profitable Than a Two-Tiered Model

Exit Strategies

Done Correctly, Interviewing Departing Lawyers Can Help Firms Pinpoint Problems

The E-Mail Advice Line

Participating in Web Site Answer Services Can Be Gratifying, But Ethics Issues Abound

Ripple Effects

Education and Self-Care Can Help Lawyers Avoid Internalizing Client Trauma

The Great Biz-Cas Debate

Readers Sound Off About How and When to Wear Ties, Collars and Khakis

Live-Action Interaction

Virtual Visitation Diminishes Distances Between Divorced Parents and Their Kids

So You Wanna Be on TV

Moonlighting as a Legal Commentator Has Intangible Payoffs, Lawyers Say

Trial Tokens

Keeping Unique Leftover Evidence Helps These Lawyers Reflect, Inspire and Teach

Good Climate For Business

Joining the Fight Against Greenhouse Gas Emissions Helps Firms Grow Opportunities

Handing Down Help

In Ohio, ‘Curative Damages’ Are Embraced by Tort Plaintiffs and the Supreme Court

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