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Lawsuit: 7-Year-Old Citizen Locked In With Dad

A 7-year-old California boy was rousted from his bed at home by federal immigration authorities and illegally held with his father for 10 hours in a locked room earlier this…

Judge Suspended for Jailing Immigrants

A western Kentucky judge is being suspended without pay for 15 days for jailing indefinitely 17 immigrants initially stopped for traffic violations.

Judge Carol Sue Browning arranged for police to…

Court Bars Release of Cuban Militant

A federal appeals court issued an order yesterday requiring anti-Fidel Castro Cuban militant Luis Posada Carilles to remain in jail.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in New…

Unlicensed Brazilian Lawyer Practicing in N.J.

A Brazilian lawyer has apparently openly practiced immigration law in New Jersey for a decade, although she is not admitted to the state bar and is licensed only as a…

L.A. Cops Ignore Illegal Immigrant Status, Suit Claims

A lawsuit seeks to force the Los Angeles Police Department to report illegal immigrants arrested in drug cases to immigration officials.

Department policy is to ignore the immigration status of…

LA Prosecutors Push to Deport Gang Suspects

Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and LA County District Attorney Steve Cooley have partnered with federal law enforcement agencies to deport some suspected gang members before they are convicted…


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Asylum Ordeals

Some Immigrants Are ‘Ground to Bits’ in a System That Leaves Immigration Judges Impatient, Appellate Courts Irritated and Lawyers Frustrated

Asylum Logjam

Streamlined Immigration Cases Are Flooding Federal Appeals Courts

Stripping Citizenship

Do New Cases Signal Tougher Government Stance in Naturalization Matters?

More Work Ahead

Congress Is Expected to Revisit Controversial Immigration Measures

New Debate On Immigration

Congress and the ABA Tackle President Bush’s Temporary Worker Plan

Children Without a Country

Thousands of Kids Arrive Each Year Without an Adult and Without Knowing English. Lacking a Lawyer, They Face a Daunting Legal System.