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Judge tosses law firm’s suit alleging rival’s ads inflated recoveries

A Kansas law firm that claimed that a competitor was inflating client recoveries in its advertising won’t be able to pursue its lawsuit.

Afternoon Briefs: Alex Kozinski returns as litigator; judge blocks firm’s defamation suit against ex-partner

Alex Kozinski returns to the 9th Circuit on the other side of the bench

After retiring in 2017 amid allegations of sexual misconduct, former Judge Alex Kozinski is returning…

Law firm’s four-day workweek increased morale and productivity, managing partner says

A personal injury law firm in Orlando, Florida, has adopted a four-day workweek to give employees an extra day to run errands, attend to personal matters and spend time with family.

Lawyer pleads guilty in connection with cyberattacks on Leagle and RipoffReport

A lawyer in Wichita, Kansas, will have to pay about $430,000 after pleading guilty in connection with a cyberattack on websites that posted negative information about him.

Law firm and former partner battle over $11M referral fee

A Pennsylvania law firm and one of its former partners are battling in court over the right to an $11 million referral fee.

Grocery store chain isn’t liable for motorized cart collision, state supreme court rules

The Ohio Supreme Court has reversed an award of more than $360,000 in a suit against a grocery store chain that provided a motorized shopping cart to a customer who caused a collision and injured the plaintiff.

Lawyer accused of defrauding his law firm by secretly referring its clients to outside lawyers

Federal prosecutors have accused a Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer of defrauding his law firm out of about $4.2 million in legal fees and costs by secretly referring its clients to…

Criminal cases that involved lawyers’ spitting and shoving match are resolved

Two cases brought by a personal injury lawyer and the father of another attorney after they got into a spitting and shoving match are no longer sitting in criminal court…

Lawyer bitten by shark endures the inevitable jokes

Georgia personal injury lawyer Gene Brooks is hearing lawyer shark jokes from colleagues and friends as he recovers from a shark bite that sent him to the emergency room.


Dale Minami will receive this year’s ABA Medal for his civil rights work

“One of the things that I’m most proud of is having a minority firm survive for 44 years, and with a sense of values, sense of principles,” says personal injury lawyer Dale Minami. “Over the years, I think, on balance, we’ve been able both to do good and do well.” Minami will be presented with the ABA Medal, the ABA’s highest honor, at the 2019 annual meeting in San Francisco.

Cap on pain-and-suffering damages violates Kansas Constitution, state supreme court says

The Kansas Supreme Court ruled 4-2 Friday that a cap on noneconomic damages violates the right to a jury trial under the state constitution’s Bill of Rights.

The court…

Thomas dissent says SCOTUS should overrule decision protecting military from tort liability

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissented Monday when the high court refused to hear the case of a man whose wife died at a naval…

Lawyer convicted of wife’s murder argues only he can represent her estate in wrongful death case

A former Atlanta lawyer convicted of felony murder in the fatal shooting of his wife is arguing that only he has the right to represent her estate—and that means a…

This is not your father’s firm; suit pits dad against son over right to use first and last name

A personal injury law firm in South Carolina founded by George Sink Sr. contends in a federal lawsuit that Sink’s son, George Sink Jr., has no right to use the…

Lawyer held in contempt for spending $390K in frozen funds spends 2 weekends per month in jail

A lawyer in Jackson, Mississippi, continues to spend two weekends per month in jail for contempt of court after he failed to persuade a judge to switch him to home…

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